Simple Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Gather simple bathroom decorating ideas, and get ready to update your bathroom with easy and inspired decorative elements.
Blue Bathroom With White Crate Shelves Are Budget Friendly

Blue Bathroom With White Crate Shelves Are Budget Friendly

By: Sean McEvoy
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Your bathroom can benefit from simple tweaks to make it more efficient and attractive. If you're looking for simple bathroom decorating ideas, you may be overwhelmed by options. But choosing a few key decorative flourishes in your bathroom can be easy and fun, providing you with the bath you've always wanted.

25 Bathroom Upgrades for $25 (Or Less)

Ryder Shower Curtain, $20.00

Colors in Motion Switch Plates, $10.50

Lacquered Soap Dish in Blue, $24.00

Olunda Picture Blocks, IKEA stores $20.00

The Squirt Water Clock by Bedol, $20.00

Round Orange Soap Dispenser, $15.00

Mini Vanity Mirror, $15.00

Nesting Storage Caddy in Orange, $7.00

The Mini Stash in Trellis Sky Blue, $26.95

Pebblz Shower Mat from InterDesign in Blue, $22.00

Sconce Shade LS13024, $19.00

Glass Bathroom Scale B200 by Escali, $25.00

Jots, $6.00 each

Glee Bath Rug in Rain Dot by InterDesign, $24.00

Double Hook by Gedy in Light Blue, $23.00

Peacock Feather Pillar, $15.00

Round Trash Can, $24.00

Digital Treasures Lyrix Jive, $20.00

Hammered Silver Facial Tissue Cover, $24.00,

Plush Towels, $20.00 each, HomeGoods stores

Tumbler Cup in Red, $20.00,

Patterned Bath Rug, $10.00, Marshalls stores

Woodrow Wastebasket in Blue by Umbra, $20.00,

Storage Totes, $20.00 and $25.00, HomeGoods stores

Large Round Circles Hamper in Rose, $15.00,

Many bathrooms can be a design and decorating challenge, since they're often small spaces. Some homeowners struggle with whether or not to implement a consistent decorative theme throughout the bath space — nautical/seaside or rustic are two examples — or to combine decorative elements from many design styles in a more eclectic design scheme. Fixtures, furniture, surfaces and colors are all considerations, as well — so each bathroom provides many opportunities for design and decoration.

While it's true that most bathrooms are small rooms, in recent years the footprint of bathrooms in many homes has expanded significantly — newer homes now often feature large bathrooms in master suites, for example. When you're thinking about simple decorating ideas for your bath space, your first consideration will be the size and scope of the project — how much bathroom space do you need or want to decorate. When you've determined whether you want to cover the entire space or simply add a few simple elements, it's time to start sourcing the elements for your decor scheme.

One of the best ways to simply execute a decor theme in your bathroom space is with the use of color. Whether your color palette leans bright, bold and contemporary or more muted and traditional, color can unite your bathroom design like just about nothing else. Choosing paint or wallpaper colors for walls will be a key step in implementing some simple bathroom decorating ideas. When you've got your color or colors picked, decide if you want pops of color throughout the design, a mix of complementary colors, or one monochromatic design. You can implement the color scheme throughout the space via accessories ranging from linens to storage containers for toiletries. Similarly, patterns can be a great way to unite your simple bathroom decor. Whether you choose a floral or geometric pattern on wallpaper or a few containers displaying chevron or gingham designs, or even seat cushions in plaid or toile, patterns can help unite your decor theme.

Another simple way to add visual interest to your bathroom decor is with artwork. Photographs of family members or beloved pets, vintage movie posters and advertisements, or even artwork you create yourself can be a great addition to a bath space. Simple and straightforward black frames can work well with just about any type of wall art, and they're widely available at low prices from many home goods retailers.

Beautiful Bathroom Redos on a Budget

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