Maximum Value Outdoor Structure Projects: Workshop

Get tips and advice for your workshop project and outdoor structure improvement ideas that increase your home’s value.
Tommy Mitchell, Gwen Mitchell, LogHeads Furniture

Tommy Mitchell, Gwen Mitchell, LogHeads Furniture

Photo by: Judson Ridgeway ©2014 Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Judson Ridgeway, 2014 Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

A rare find in today's market, workshops are a unique space to complete DIY projects and store home and garden tools. A more specific outdoor structure than a shed, a workshop is tailored to the handyman or hobbyist, where everything from building projects to auto work can be completed in this creative space.


  • Elaborate design. Homeowners are now looking to update the workshop with modern amenities. Heating and air conditioning, working windows and even small porches are becoming a part of workshop design. By adding these amenities, homeowners are finding even more uses for the workshop space.


Although updating the look and functionality of a workshop has become a bigger trend in recent years, the amount of "extras" added to the space can do more harm than good when it comes time to sell. According to appraisal expert, Leslie Sellers, president of the Appraisal Institute, the more money you put into an outdoor structure, the less chance at getting more value for your buck. "Although a nice addition for many homeowners, an elaborate workshop does little for the overall value of the home," he says.

Sellers adds that the additional cost to update a workshop should be done at the homeowner's discretion. Be mindful than many of these updates should be done for personal enjoyment and use rather than thinking about resale potential.


  • On a Budget: If money's tight but you need more outdoor storage on your property, a shed is a more economical option.
  • Mid-Range: Pre-assembled workshop kits allow you to save on labor and material costs. By packaging all the materials together, including the wood, nails, hardware, doors and sometimes even windows, a homeowner can turn their workshop build-out into their first handyman project.
  • High-End: As with many other outdoor structures, a workshop can be designed by a contractor so that the architectural style fits well with the home. Sizes and material choices are almost limitless, so depending on your need, a workshop can be constructed to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the property.

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