Create a Birdbath From a Salvaged Sink

Design a unique birdbath out of a vintage, wall-mount sink. This fun DIY project will add charm to your yard, and create a fun hangout for your feathered friends.

Sink Turned Bird Bath

Sink Turned Bird Bath

Materials Needed:

  • vintage, wall-mount sink
  • drain plug
  • 3" wood screws
  • PVC pipe
  • hand saw
  • 1 brick
  • 3 cups of small to medium-sized seashells or decorative stones
  • plant or bush that measures approximately 30 inches tall when planted

Select a Straight Tree

Choosing a tree with a fairly straight trunk, measuring at least 12 inches around, will ensure the sink will sit level once mounted. Note: The sink should be mounted approximately 30 inches off the ground. Use a tape measure to make sure there aren't any large knots or bumps located at that height.

Man measuring tree trunk.

Measure for Bird Bath

Place Brick and Measure Drain Pipe

Place a brick on level ground at the base of the tree. Tip: Measure the distance between the back of the sink and the center of the drain pipe hole to determine how far out from the tree the brick should sit. Then, measure the diameter of the drain pipe located on the bottom side of the sink. This measurement will help to determine what size PVC pipe to use. The PVC pipe should be slightly larger around than the drain pipe so that the drain pipe can slide down inside of it.

Cut and Place PVC Pipe

Once the drain pipe diameter measurement is determined, cut a piece of PVC pipe approximately 30 inches long using a hand saw. Place PVC pipe vertically on one end, in the middle of the brick.

Place Sink

Lift sink onto the top of the PVC pipe. Tip: It's helpful to have another person handy for this step. One person can lift the sink into place, while the other guides the drainpipe down into the PVC pipe.

Sink attached to pipe in the ground.

Attach Bird Bath Top to Pipe

Attach Sink to Tree

Secure the sink by driving 3" wood screws through the overflow holes located on the back of the sink. Use screws that have heads larger than the diameter of the overflow holes to ensure that they will hold the sink in firmly in place.

Man drilling sink into tree for su

Drill Bird Bath for Support

Plug Drain

Place drain plug over drain hole in the bottom of the sink basin. Tip: Replacement drain plugs are available at most home improvement stores, just make sure to measure the drain hole before heading to the store to determine which size to purchase.

Add Shells and Fill Basin

Add three cups of seashells or decorative stones to the sink basin. Doing so will give the birds a safe place to stand while they bathe. Use a garden hose to fill the sink basin with water. Water will naturally evaporate and may drain out if the drain plug isn't sealed tightly, so make sure to check water level every few days.

Fill Bird Bath Sink with Shells

Fill Bird Bath Sink with Shells

Add a Plant

Create a "living skirt" for the sink by planting a bush that measures approximately 30 inches high directly in front of the brick. It will hide the PVC pipe and look pretty, too.

Sink Turned Bird Bath

Sink Turned Bird Bath

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