Grow Your Own Mushrooms

You can grow delectable mushrooms in your house.


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Growing your own mushrooms is easier than you may think.

You can grow delectable mushrooms in your house, and it's easier than you think. Kits of several varieties can be ordered via catalog or online.

When the kit arrives, your mushroom block will look a little like a big marshmallow. The inside is filled with a mix of sawdust and oat bran. The mushroom spores are on the outer coating. Here's how the process of growing your own mushrooms works:



  • Mist the mushroom block three or four times a day with spring or well water or with collected rainwater. If none of those are available, use boiled tap water. Avoid using water straight from the tap because the chlorine will kill the spores. Distilled water won't do either because it lacks necessary nutrients.

  • gby1708_4b_humidity-tent


  • After each misting, place a plastic tent over the block to maintain humidity. Wood sticks keep the bag from sticking to the block.

  • As for lighting, as long as you don't let it sit in direct sunlight or in complete darkness, you'll be good to go. (By the way, the white button mushroom you see in the grocery store is the only kind that requires darkness.)

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  • In a few days, little blisters will start developing. A couple of days after that, full mushrooms will start popping up fast. After a week or so, you'll be ready to harvest.

  • After the harvest, let the block dry for a week and then soak it in water for 24 hours. The next day, it'll be ready to go back under the humidity tent for another batch. Repeat this process and you'll get several harvests from just one kit.

    After harvesting, the mushrooms can be dried for storage. When you're in the mood for a mouthwatering mushroom meal, just give them a good soaking and they'll be ready for cooking.

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