Incredible Coastal Home Outdoor Makeover

This before and after offers a step by step guide to how a Southern homeowner transformed their outdoor spaces with lush, unified design.
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Unified Hardscape

What was once a steep, underused side yard becomes a private garden retreat with a centerpiece fountain, an expansive courtyard for entertaining and lush green borders in the style of a Charleston/Savannah coastal home. A step by step guide from Landscape Studio demonstrates how hardscaping and landscaping can transform your property into the ideal outdoor space.

The Dead Zone

A front yard badly needs some curb appeal but there is plenty of potential here. A new lawn with an attractive border design will soon distract the eye from the bare brick walls and a few lonely boxwoods.

Beds and Borders

After the front property renovation, the sightlines no longer lead you to the untended areas of the yard but focus instead on the healthy green tones of the new lawn, plants and border design. 

Starting from Scratch

Another view of the potentially promising front yard with a walkway to the back of the house. This will soon be transformed into a curb appeal winner.

Creating Desirable Sightlines

A new lawn and the imaginative blending of shrubs and flowering plants radiate maximum curb appeal in this design which features a subtle but alluring detail – a rustic side entrance to the back yard on the far left.

Secret Footpath

A sense of mystery and discovery is created in the design of this private side entrance to the backyard with its bordering trees and flowering plants.

Slope Solutions

A sloping yard usually means drainage issues and you can see the evidence here with a dry creek that is positioned too close to the house. The entire side yard will soon be reconfigured into a multi-tiered space with a lawn (upper level), a central courtyard and fountain and a woodlands area in the lower section.

Transformative Measures

A once troublesome drainage area is repurposed for an innovative garden design that introduces a formal lawn with a retaining wall and a classic courtyard/fountain design for parties and entertaining.

Rerouting Runoff

The dry creek, which was designed to route runoff water off the property, will be replaced by an underground pipe system that will funnel the water to the lower woodlands area of the yard.

Inspirational Borders

A desolate looking side yard with a sloping dry creek bed has been converted into a stunning fusion of landscaping and hardscaping in this design which juxtaposes the colors of nature against the earth tones of brick and bluestone.

Call to Action

A potentially promising side yard will need to be dramatically reconfigured in order to accommodate a courtyard and fountain in the center and a border of trees and tall shrubs for privacy along the right edge of the property. 

Tree Planting and Relocation

A view from the far end of the house shows laborers relocating some existing trees on the property to join the newly planted ones which form a natural privacy screen along the right edge of the yard.

Glamour Treatment

A once sloping side yard with drainage issues has been reimagined as a garden design showcase with distinct border accents and areas for outdoor entertaining in the style of a Savannah-Charleston coastal home.

The Green Carpet

A steep incline in a side yard was leveled and reshaped by Bobcat operators into a formal lawn with brick borders and a retaining wall that highlights the top section of a multi-tiered landscape.

Alternate Access

Around the corner from the formal lawn and brick retaining wall is the gated entrance to the side yard (on the right side of the house). New grass, pavers and boxwoods add a welcoming touch to the landscape design.

Beyond the Fountain

From this angle you can appreciate the brick artistry of the fountain, the bluestone pavers and the relaxation area in the background which is framed by a wall of trees for privacy.

Relaxation Zone

Another view of the new courtyard illustrates how the space is ideal for entertaining and relaxation amid the lush green surroundings.

On the Edge

Freshly planted garden beds are bordered by brick and a wooden fence in this simple but eloquent design.

Natural Selections

Nature is re-introduced into every area of the renovated side yard with border shrubs, trees, potted plants and stonework contributing to the organic feel of the space.

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