Make a No-Sew Ombre Christmas Tree Skirt

Trade in your tired Christmas tree skirt for a trendier, ruffled version that showcases ombre shades of your favorite hue.

Classic Skirt With a Twist

Skip the sewing machine and opt for this no-sew, ruffled tree skirt in a rainbow of ombre. You'll need: 1 yard of fabric in 3-5 different colors and patterns; 1 yard of canvas; fabric scissors; hot glue gun; hot glue sticks.

Cutting a Pie Shape

To create a perfect circle to fit below the tree, cut the fabric into a pie shape. First, fold the canvas into a triangle, then use fabric scissors to cut a rounded edge. While folded, the canvas will take on the shape of a pie slice. Once unfolded, it will become a perfect circle. Tip: For most 6- to 7-foot trees, use a 36-inch diameter.

Create a Center Hole

To ensure the skirt fits around the base of the tree, add a hole in its center. Use fabric scissors to cut the tip of the canvas approximately 2 inches in.

Add Slit

For a perfect fit beneath the tree, a slit will need to be made to the skirt. To do this, use fabric scissors to cut a perfectly straight line from the center hole to the outer edge of the canvas.

Cut and Place Strips

Cut fabric into 36-inch-long strips measuring 3 inches in width. Once all strips are cut, place the first one along the outside edge of the canvas. Before placing the fabric, make sure you know how you want the ombre effect to look. Tip: For the biggest impact, keep the most saturated fabrics along the outer edges of the skirt and the more muted ones along the inside.

Secure Ends of Strips

Each strip will be folded and glued for a ruffled effect. Before the ruffling can start, the strip will need to be secured to the canvas by adding glue along its edge, then firmly pressing it in place.

Create Ruffles

Once the end of the fabric strip is securely held in place with glue, create ruffles by folding the fabric strip up and then under itself in 2-inch increments. Next, add glue below the ruffles, securing them to the flat portion of the fabric strip.

Fold Edges Over

After all ruffles are folded and glued, fold the edge of the fabric over the outer edge of the canvas and secure it along the back with glue.

Layer Ruffles

After the first strip of fabric has been transformed into ruffles, repeat step 5 and step 6 until you reach the center hole, layering each strip of fabric 1/4 inch on top of the one below it. For an ombre effect, alternate fabrics from the highest saturation to the lowest.

Finish and Display

Once your Christmas tree skirt is complete, wrap it around the tree base and surround with wrapped gifts.

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