10 Ways to Turn Pool Noodles Into Almost-Free Backyard Kids' Games

Get kids off the electronics and into the fresh air with these fun summer activities. All you need are a few pool noodles, simple materials and creativity.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Obstacle Course

Get bendy with noodles to create a custom backyard course that gets kids moving and giggling. Just stake pencils or dowels into the ground, and slide the noodle over them in various ways to create all types of fun obstacles.

Rubber-Band Finger Rocket

Using a few little embellishments and a rubber band looped through the inside of a noodle creates an instant rocket they can launch indoors and out.

Bean-Bag Toss

With five noodles, you can create this vertical bean bag toss that's fun for kids and adults. Stake two vertical noodles into the ground using pencils or dowels. Bend the three remaining noodles into circles, and secure using duct tape. Finally, assemble using zip ties.

Miniature Bowling Alley

Put that rolled-up yoga mat to good use. All you need is a few simple materials and you've got a fun activity kids can do on the patio, deck or right in the backyard. Plus, it's perfect for rainy days indoors, too.
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Ring Toss

You can assemble this game in about two minutes. Simply cut and stake a 24-inch noodle into the ground using a pencil or dowel. Then, cut and bend a few noodles into several sized rings, securing with colorful duct tape. Make two for a team version.

Noodle Shower

Put a fun twist on playing in the sprinkler with this easy-to-make noodle shower. Cut a couple of feet off a full-size noodle. Then, using a pencil or dowel, poke holes in the noodle's sides. Tape off one side of the noodle. Hang the garden hose over a tree limb, then slide the open side of the noodle over the hose nozzle for hours of fun water play.

Soccer Domes

Get the kids kicking around the backyard for hours with these soccer domes. You can make them tall and skinny or low and wide depending on how you space the pencils or dowels in the ground.

Water-Play Pegboard

Keep little ones cool with this clever water-play activity station. Using zip ties and duct tape, secure a variety of pool noodles, funnels and plastic toys together to create a water maze they'll enjoy all season long.

Noodle Racquetball

Put produce netting to work with these clever oversized racquets kids will love. Trim the ends of each noodle so they're thinner and better suited for small hands. Secure them into the shape of a racquet using colorful tape to bind the handle. Slide the netting over the top of the racquet and secure with more tape. Make several of these for a group activity. The more, the merrier!

Marshmallow Launchers

Tape a cut balloon onto the end of a short noodle to make a totally sweet marshmallow launcher.

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