Kid's Bedroom Photos: HGTV Green Home 2010

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The exterior roof line creates an angled ceiling in this bright and festive room, where pillow fabric inspired furnishings and the room’s color palette.

Nestled near a mobile storage cubby, a cozy nook, illuminated by paper-mache lamps, provides a perfect spot to read, relax or catch up on homework.

Clothing rods positioned at waist height encourage kids to stay organized. “Helping children learn to hang up their things is an important part of green – learning to put away, be organized and be tidy — because it ultimately makes life simpler,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum.

Bulkhead-style lighting with thick frosted-glass lamps and a polished nickel trim add a nautical twist.

Bunkbeds, custom-crafted by MacKenzie Brothers, maximize floor space. Each bed features its own dedicated nautical-style reading light.

After considering rope, galvanized piping was chosen as the construction material for bunkbeds, which counter the room’s traditional architectural frame.

Colorful pillow fabrics continue the circles and squares design motif while tying in the red color inspired by the kitchen’s quartz countertop.

Serving as the room’s focal point, a recycled-paper mirror, purchased in Yarmouth, elevates the playful design. “It’s fun and a little silly, but still has a nice pow,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum.

Pet portraits by Nicoletta Poli, including Green Grass Pink Tongue, deliver a lighthearted look.

Eco-friendly toys, chosen to match the room’s color palette, offer up hours of entertainment.

A foam croquet is ideal for indoor or outdoor play, as posts are weighted to remain stationary.

A recycling play truck is appropriately crafted from recycled material.

Building blocks tell a green story, as they are fashioned from reclaimed material.

A level-cut loop carpet with a large-scale diamond pattern continues a red theme that flows throughout the house. The bound rug more than looks good – it contains 25-percent, post-consumer recycled content and is recyclable.

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