Great First Impressions: Ornate Doors Lead to Eclectic Interior

Set against smooth white walls, two ornate doors immediately draw the eye into this eclectic home from gindesigngroup. Cobblestone walkways and distressed vases add to the intriguing exterior.

Photo By: gindesignsgroup

Photo By: gindesignsgroup

Photo By: gindesignsgroup

Photo By: gindesignsgroup

Photo By: gindesignsgroup

Photo By: gindesignsgroup

Photo By: gindesignsgroup

Asian Front Entryway With Elaborate Door Frame, Cobblestone Walkway and Large, Distressed Vases

A cobblestone walkway leads to the decorative and distressed wood door frame opening up into the front yard of this home. A pair of large distressed vases frame the doorway complimenting the antiqued style of the decor.

Asian Front Door With Distressed Framework, Green Grate Design and Faded Red Coloring at Stone Front Porch

The front door draws the eye in the midst of the surrounding bright, white walls and smooth stone patio. The distressed wood door frame displays patches of faded red coloring for a weathered and antique finish. A collection of potted plants compliment the green grate design over the doors.

Contemporary Hallway With Artsy Shelf Display, Antique Double Doors and Black Stone Flooring

Black stone flooring leads into the living room and creates a bold contrast to the bright, white walls in the room. Antique double doors bring a beautiful rough texture to the room. Built in shelves in varying heights showcase an artistic display of framed photos and figurines adding personal style to the decor.

Contemporary Sitting Room With Square Tufted Chaise, Accent Asian Door and Built In Bookshelf

A square chaise is centered in this bright, contemporary room creating a stylish sitting space. A gold and black chandelier hangs above, popping against the white walls. A built in bookshelf faces a large, antiqued asian door adding color and accent to the room.

Spacious, Contemporary Living Room With Tall, Stone Fireplace Surround, Large Crescent Sofa and Warm Tone Pattern Rug

A bright patterned rug wakes up the design in this living room with vibrant red and orange tones. A large crescent sofa and matching circular chairs create seating surrounding the rug. The open floor space gives the room a spacious feel and draws the eye to the tall stone fireplace surround.

Decorative Patterned, Orange Asian Doorway With Latched Doorway Options and Matching Upper Panels

This dazzling, decorative doorway displays bold colors and pattern grabbing the attention against a white wall. Inner doors open to reveal a shaped doorframe, while a latch can be unhooked for a larger outer door option making this set up both useful and enjoyable. Upper panels match the warm design allowing this doorway to double as art.

Contemporary Kitchen Featuring Stone Island, Floating Shelves, and Counters With Sliding Patio Door

Stone structures give a southwestern flair to this contemporary kitchen design. Gray stone is used to create an island, countertop with built in shelving, and floating shelves for a cohesive look and open storage. Natural light from the sliding door bounces off the black stone floor which creates a beautiful contrast to the bright white walls.

Unique Contemporary Dining Room With Large Asian Cabinet, Tall End Chairs and Dark Stone Floor

A large asian cabinet breaks up the white space of the wall and adds height and color to this stylish dining room design. The dark dining tabletop matches the neutral and black stone floor. White dining chairs pop against the dark details and tie in the white walls. Larger end chairs with tall backs give dimension to the table. A glass bulb chandelier finishes the fashionable design.

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