9 Decorating Dares to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

You probably made your summer bucket list months ago. Hike the local trail? Check. Go to the beach? On it. Your summer plans are coming together nicely, but why not take that same bucket list idea and use it on your home? Go on an adventure through your home with the excitement of some new design dares — here are 9 great places to start.

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Play With Patterns

Make this season your most unique yet by mixing up some of your fave textures and graphics. If you’re scared of things looking a little too jumbled or cluttered, select items with different patterns but the same base colors.

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Get Kitschy

Summer is the best time for abandoning your inhibitions. Don’t be afraid of pink flamingos, wall mounts or weird eclectic conversation-starters. As cliche or quirky as it may seem, when done in moderation it’s as stylish as can be.

Embrace Millennial Pink

You don’t have to be within a certain age range to try the trendiest color of 2017. Pick up a can of paint if you’re ready to commit fully, or keep it classic and understated with the help of some muted accents.

Faux Fur for Every Season

No, you don’t have to leave faux fur behind with your winter coats and wool mittens. The fuzzy texture can (and should) be embraced year-round. Work a luxe fabric into your pre-existing decor scheme with the help of neutral tones or subtle colors.

Step up Your Supplies

Who wants to be at work in the summer? Coffee probably isn’t helping you focus at work when the warm weather is calling your name, so treat yourself to some new desk supplies. This could mean buying all new accents or doing some DIY tricks of your own.

Whimsical Walls

As Madonna famously said, express yourself. Here’s your chance. You don’t have to spend your rainy day fund on artistic accents when you can just draw them yourself. Go from chalkboards to chalk walls and let your kids and friends grab a stick and join the fun.

Bring the Outdoors in

If there’s a perfect time for to combine indoor and outdoor living, it’s the summer. Plants help mesh the two environments seamlessly, so stop by the local floral shop or garden center and consider your options.

Find Your Mascot

Get to know yourself even better than a personality quiz ever could. Choose your favorite animal and play it up, decorating a portion of your home in its honor or going crazy and covering everything from top to bottom. Just avoid the stuffed versions and go for chic fabrics or art prints.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Ok, this isn’t exactly the most fun dare of all time, BUT you’ll be so excited once you’ve accomplished some organizing and cleaning while summer is still underway. No more fishing for pool supplies among racks of clothes and questionable boxes, now you can hit the road to the beach or the pool without any delays.

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