10 Clever Shoe Storage Solutions

Your shoe collection, large or small, can make your home feel cluttered. Save space with these savvy shoe storage ideas to help keep your home organized.
By: Aimee Lane

Hanging Storage

A hanging shoe system makes it easy to find your favorite pair and saves space for other items in your closet. It fits perfectly on any door, so shoes are right at hand.

Shoe Wheel

Your shoe addiction may prevent you from finding a spot for all those pairs. Rakku Design's shoe wheel can hold up to 30 pairs in its 20 expandable pockets. The design not only saves space, but shoes are just a spin away and easily accessible.

Store Dirty Shoes

A mudroom is a great place to store dirty shoes. Designate a bag for each family member to drop their shoes in right as they walk in the door, so they don't track dirt inside the rest of your home.

Open Shelving

Take advantage of open shelving by placing shoes neatly in a row. Toni Hammersley of A Bowl Full of Lemons puts her kids' shoes on shelving because she can fit several pairs and grab them quickly when she's on the go.

Hanging Storage System

Give those extra wire hangers you have lying around a purpose by transforming them into a shoe storage apparatus. Savannah of Oh So Pretty the Diaries used pliers and yarn to turn wire hangers into a convenient way to hang her shoes.

Clear Storage Bins

Protect your expensive shoes from damage and dust with clear storage bins. To help identify them, take photos of your shoes and tape the photo to the front of each bin.

Repurposed Baby Shoe Rack

Bring new life to your old household items. Amanda of A Lovely Place to Land transformed an old wooden thread rack into a baby shoe rack. Display the rack on a dresser or mount it on a wall to save space.

Wire Basket for Dirty Shoes

Place a wire basket next to the door where family members can place their dirty shoes. Using a wire basket prevents buildup of dirt and mold — just place a mat under the basket for easy cleanup.

Wall Storage

Look to the wall if you're out of closet space. The Shrine Shoe Rack, designed by Fernando Robert, displays shoes against the wall without taking up valuable floor space. The stainless steel rack gently holds just about every shoe type without damaging them.

Under-Bed Storage

Use the space under you bed to store your shoes. We all have pairs we don't wear often, so keep them out of the way with a compact shoe organization system you can buy at most home goods stores.

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