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Heather Tom is an Emmy Award-winning actress starring on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. Along with her guitar-playing husband, James, these two are moths to a flame when it comes to renovation and design. A difficult project with lots of potential problems? Bring it on! A big design plan with a small budget? Sure! These two can't say no — even when they know they should. Heather and James bring their unique backgrounds and incredible design taste along as they renovate and design spaces all over Los Angeles — with lots of excitement along the way. They love acting and music, but they love transforming spaces just as much, and their projects weave through every aspect of their lives.


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Season 1, Episode 1

Condo Kitchen Remodel

Heather Tom and her fiance James help Jason, a television executive, remodel the kitchen and dining room in his new condo.

Jul 24

6:30am | 5:30c

Season 1, Episode 2

Ted & Larry's Library

Heather Tom is a Daytime Emmy-winning actress, and every word of her performance is scripted. But when she's not in the studio, she likes to tackle projects that aren't as cut-and-dried. Together with her husband, James, she has a second career: a renovation and design firm, bringing fresh and eclectic style to clients' homes. But with one full-time television career, along with all of the press, promotion and rehearsals it entails, plus trying to build a happy home life with James as newlyweds - all while expecting a baby - requires some serious improvisation on Heather's part. And as she and James discover with each new space, every project is a renovation unscripted. Like Ted and Larry's library. It's a mishmash of mementos and memorabilia, and lacks a cohesive design. Ted has always wanted a haunted library, but Heather doesn't like theme rooms. So she and James, along with their best friend Petey, are ready to make a beautiful room, while making the homeowner's happy. They create a good balance by creating a hidden passageway with a bookcase, making the most of the high ceilings by adding built-in shelving, doing custom woodwork, and sprinkling in a few accessories to make it a little mysterious. And for their signature touch, Heather and James use a reclaimed object in each project they create. Will their homeowners be happy?

Jul 24

7am | 6c

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