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There are small historic gems sprinkled all across America. And Denver contractor Keith Nylund knows just how to find them. In each episode he'll take a hidden property, rip off the roof, double its size and then put it back on the market. You never know what will happen when you take a classic and Raise the Roof .
Season 1, Episode 1

1920 Bungalow Gets 2nd Story

Keith plans to flip a 917 square foot, two bedroom, one bath bungalow in a fast growing neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. Because the house was built in 1920, the home has small rooms and limited living space compared to modern homes in the area.

Apr 25
11am | 10c
Season 1, Episode 2

Third Floor's a Charm?

Keith wants to flip a century-old Craftsman bungalow in Denver, but it needs something special to overcome the downside of its location on a busy street. He creates a spacious living area on the ground floor, builds three bedrooms and a luxurious master suite on the second floor, then adds a unique third-story loft that provides an amazing view of the mountains.

Oct 27
8am | 7c