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David brings an romantic tropical vibe into this couple's family room.

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See how David breathes new life into bland rooms.

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Ho-hum rooms transform into stunning retreats.


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Neutral Contemporary Victorian Dining Room

With a chic and refined appearance, this dining room pulls in a mostly contemporary look with touches of Victorian design. The luxurious gold and crystal chandelier, floor-to-ceiling window treatments and sideboard mirror represent the defining features of traditional design while using the table, accessories and area rug to deliver a contemporary look.

Crisp White Dining Room With Bold Yellow Sofa

This once dull and boring dining room received a stylish, colorful makeover on HGTV's "Color Splash: Miami." Crisp, white walls open up the space and accentuate the room's bold, graphic pieces, including a 13-foot long yellow upholstered couch and pink French bulldog paintings.

Old World Bedroom With Arched Stone Wall

This bedroom was transformed from an outdated design disaster to this gorgeous Old World masterpiece. Rich color, pattern and texture come together to create the luxurious, romantic sanctuary. An arched stone wall with stained glass-inspired artwork provides a dramatic backdrop for the bed.

Contemporary Neutral Bedroom With Round, White Bed

Designer David Bromstad transformed this once dull, gray space into a chic bedroom escape. A sculptural, round bed becomes a striking focal point for the contemporary, masculine room. Purple accent pieces, plus a wood wall in a bold, undulating pattern, warm up the minimalist space.

Traditional Dining Room With Rich Wood Dining Table

This charming dining room from HGTV's "Curb Appeal" features rich wood furnishings, heavy window treatments and a brass chandelier.

Victorian Dining Room With Rich Wood Furnishings

Although not typically known for having a minimalistic look, this Victorian-style dining room avoids accessories, patterns and over-the-top fixtures. However, the rich wood furnishings, antique grandfather clock and ornate clawfoot dining set deliver a genuine view of the era with a contemporary edge.

Neutral Traditional Formal Dining Room with Gold Patterns

Gold embellished dining chairs elegantly border this traditional table, accented with a gorgeous chandelier and decor.

Contemporary Backyard Lounge Area

On HGTV's "Color Splash," David Bromstad transformed this once lifeless backyard into a cozy outdoor getaway. The deck was replaced with lush grass and the tall fence was traded for a shorter wall, which does double duty as a bench. Privacy is maintained with living walls of tropical plants. Three glazed ceramic cubes create a unique table while weather-resistant fabrics add lively pops of red, orange, lime green and turquoise.

Chic Outdoor Dining Room With Rustic Wood Table

David Bromstad of HGTV's Color Splash transformed this outdoor space into a party-ready patio. Reclaimed lumber creates a one-of-a-kind table that will accommodate up to eight guests. Weather-resistant, floor-to-ceiling draperies and beautifully patterned rugs make the space feel like an extension of the indoors.

Chic Living Room With Vintage Sofa and Colorful Accents

On HGTV's "Color Splash: Miami," David Bromstad transformed this once empty, colorless space into a chic living area where modern and traditional styles combine. Timeless touches like a vintage couch and applied moldings on the walls warm up this space, while bright yellow and turquoise accessories add Miami flair.

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David Bromstad

The original HGTV Design Star winner is known for his colorfully-designed interiors and custom artwork.
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David Bromstad hosts Color Splash , transforming tired rooms into vibrant, unforgettable spaces. Along with his Miami-based team, David creates beautiful, unique designs that play off of color. Humor, teamwork, and passion make this show entertaining and informative.
Season 10, Episode 9

Designer David Bromstad creates Zen-like retreat in a master bedroom makeover inspired by Coconut Grove's tropical garden The Kampong.

Designer David Bromstad creates Zen-like retreat in a master bedroom makeover inspired by Coconut Grove's tropical garden The Kampong. David infuses Zen with contemporary design with mix matched bedroom furniture and a shoji screen inspired stone feature wall with a custom headboard.

Dec 29
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 10, Episode 7

Contemporary Living/Dining

Designer David Bromstad plays with color and texture in a contemporary living/dining room makeover inspired by Miami's Design District. David wants to add a lot of life to this room, so he introduces texture with a dark stone feature wall. He compliments that wall by bringing in colorful furnishings including a custom orange settee, and a silver crocodile ottoman.

Jan 5
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 11, Episode 1

College Kitsch goes Elegant

Kat and Jordan need to turn their former bachelorette pad into a comfortable and functional home. Their living room and kitchen are in desperate need of a makeover. They're currently using Kat's furniture from college and as a chef Jordan needs a kitchen that would enable him to prepare home cooked meals for Kat. They have made an effort in beautifying the space by putting up kitschy art on the walls but that's about it. They are in need of Designer David Bromstad's expertise in order to hone in on an aesthetic design that will fit both of their quirky personalities in a sophisticated and grown up way.

Jan 12
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 11, Episode 2

Finding their Forever Home

The Kish family recently bought a new home. The dining and living rooms are too bare at the moment. It's such a monumental task furnishing the rooms that they decided to ask Designer David Bromstad to help them out. David understands how daunting it is to decorate huge rooms so his suggestion is to float the furniture in the middle to make the space less overwhelming and more intimate. Not only does the living and dining rooms have to have a cohesive look, they also have to be functional for the couples' 11-year old twin daughters. With only two days left until the Kish family moves in, David and his crew work round the clock to make it in time for the reveal.

Jan 19
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 11, Episode 3

Artistic Master Bedroom

Carlos and Allison Baez opted to run their high-end photography business out of their home in order to remain close to their kids and watch them grow up. They've decorated their living room to showcase Carlos' photographs for client meetings. Adding their two young boys in the mix, Carlos and Alison have made the house completely functional for work and their children. The only place left in the house for them to share is their master bedroom. However, their master bedroom lacks the artistic style that is evident throughout the rest of their home. They enlist Designer David Bromstad to help them create a peaceful sanctuary in their master bedroom.

Jan 26
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 11, Episode 4

Designing for the Sexes

Marcella and John need to upgrade their family room. They're looking to turn this dated space into a comfortable hang-out for the family, as well as an enticing destination for their preteen girls. The space hasn't been touched in 16 years, which was the last time they tried to redecorate. That was also when they realized they have opposite tastes when it comes to style! John says Marcel has crazy ideas. She says he is too boring. They need someone else to take the reins this time! Designer David Bromstad steps in to give them a helping hand. With the kitchen being in close proximity to the family room, David and his crew have to take on both spaces to give it a cohesive look, while making both John and Marcela happy.

Feb 2
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 11, Episode 5

A Masterful Surprise!

Kelsey and Andrea feel that their parents need a bedroom makeover. Their mom especially wants a walk-in closet where she can fit all her clothes and numerous purses. Their dad's collection of books has cluttered their room and definitely needs to be contained. So they took it upon themselves to contact Designer David Bromstad to help surprise their parents with a new master bedroom. Combing traditional and contemporary design aesthetics isn't the problem for David and his crew. It's the 5-day deadline and multiple mishaps along the way that's got everyone in a tizzy.

Feb 9
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 11, Episode 6

Experiencing Buyer's Remorse

Mario and Melissa recently bought their first house. However, they're now experiencing a little buyer's remorse. The previous owners gutted their home and they were left with a bare kitchen and holes in the ceiling. They've been reduced to grilling their meals in the front yard. They thought that they'd be able to manage the gradual renovation plans they have for the house but it seems like they've bitten more than they could chew. They contacted Designer David Bromstad to help them figure out the steps into making the whole mess into a livable space. This is the biggest project yet for David and his team! They've agreed to take on every common space in the house and have their plate full giving the living room, dining room and kitchen an industrial modern look.

Feb 16
6:30am | 5:30c

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