Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Check out these winning designs that run the gamut from rustic to Space Age.
By: Marjie O'Connor

A Muted Color Scheme With Lots of Texture

With a color palette of earth tones, pattern and texture play star roles in this kitchen. The vertical lines in the beadboard cabinets are picked up by the unusual vertical placement of the tile on the backsplashes. The result is a beautiful combination of traditional and contemporary styles.

A Warm and Traditional Look

Details, details. That's the secret of high style in this traditional kitchen. Notice the moldings, pilasters, rosettes and corbels, which give otherwise bland cabinetry real distinction — and prove that classic design is indeed classic.

The Wow Is in the Details

Another kitchen demonstrates the difference that rich detail makes. Dentil molding edging the tops and bottoms of the wall cabinets provides texture, as does the wire grill in the door of the cabinet on the right.

Storage Options Galore

Who says all the cabinets have to match? Unified by wood species and finish, these cabinets still provide a range of options for keeping things interesting: glass doors, open storage and a built-in wine rack. The cabinets also provide convenient and considerable storage.

Unusual Use of Solid Color and Wood-Grain Pattern

This kitchen belies the myth that modern has to be cold. The strikingly rich wood grain in the base cabinets is repeated on the wall cabinets, but it's toned down with a solid that begins at about eye level, along with frosted glass. The countertops anchor the solid color.

Design for the 21st Century

For those who crave drama, here's a kitchen that provides it. The wood cabinets and stainless steel counter pop against black walls, while frosted glass lightens things up. Notice that the cabinets on the left are on casters, allowing them to be rolled out from under the counter.

A Natural, Rustic Style

Is it possible to have too much texture in a kitchen? Not according to the designer who styled this one. A grooved copper range hood is flanked by rustic dry-stacked stone; the natural grain of the hickory cabinets complements the smooth dark countertop.

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