Linoleum Floors

Available in many colors and styles, all-natural linoleum flooring can be used to create bold, custom flooring designs in your home.
By: Kim Hildenbrand

Eco-Friendly Option

Made from natural materials, linoleum is ideal for children’s bedrooms. Square panels, in a mix of vibrant colors, join together without glue for easy installation. Photo courtesy of Forbo Marmoleum

Nature-Inspired Design

Featuring earthy hues inspired by nature, this linoleum floor sets the scene for a casual living space. A wide inlay helps visually separate the seating area and kitchen. Photo courtesy of Armstrong

Bold Style

Ever-versatile linoleum is right at home in contemporary spaces. Available in 17 colors, this nature-inspired linoleum features rich texture and patterning for a statement-making floor. Photo courtesy of Forbo Marmoleum

Soft, Comfortable Surface

Featuring a vivid red with stylish marbling, this sheet linoleum lays a warm, cheerful groundwork in a sunny bedroom. The soft surface offers a comfortable spot to play. Photo courtesy of Forbo Marmoleum

Customizable, Elegant Designs

A living room gains quiet sophistication with neutral colored linoleum accented with inlays. Available in 24 colors, these panels are easy to install and inherently antistatic. Photo courtesy of Forbo Marmoleum