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Porcelain Tile Bathroom Floors

Available in many styles and finishes, porcelain tile is a versatile and durable bathroom flooring option.
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Exotic Designs

Porcelain tile is going glam: New styles evoke exotic materials, such as rich leather, animal prints, glimmering metallics and smooth silk. Photo courtesy of Walker Zanger

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Soothing Styles

Inspired by island sands, this porcelain tile produces a soothing getaway. Photo courtesy of Mannington Mills, Inc.

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Elegant Durability

A decorative inlay adds a focal point to a tile floor. This porcelain tile is extremely durable and impervious to water. Photo courtesy of Shaw Floors

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Natural Finishes

Sleek porcelain tile creates a one-of-a-kind haven. The high-definition tile is created with a unique printing process for a surface that more closely resembles natural stone. Photo courtesy of Florida Tile