Shrubs for Spring Flowers

These shrubs blossom with bright, beautiful flowers for spring, and are the perfect compliment to any landscape.

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Beauty Bush

The beauty bush is a deciduous shrub that in late spring is completely covered in masses of deep pink flowers.

Flowering Quince

This thorny, dediduous shrub produces bright red flowers followed by yellow fruits.

Red Robin Spring Shrub

The Photinia is a large evergreen shrub that can grow to the size of a small tree. New leaves are scarlet-red, but turn green as they age.

Kerria Japonica Suckering Shrub

Kerria japonica, Golden Guinea, is an old time favorite most loved for its larger than normal double yellow flowers, resembling small roses. Allow plenty of room for its spreading, fountain like form. In a small space, espallier to walls.

Tree Peony

A tall, upright deciduous shrub form of peony with dark red flowers that can each grow to four inches in diameter.

California Lilac

The California lilac is a large evergreen shrub covered with dense, heavy clusters of vivid, dark-blue flowers in late spring.

Spring Scarletta

Leaves of the Leucothoe are dark red-purple in color when young but turn dark green in summer then bronze in winter.

Burst of Beauty

The popular azalea is a low-growing, evergreen azalea with pale flowers that have pink or lavender petals.

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