Panicle Hydrangeas Varieties and Care

These easy-to-grow panicle hydrangeas will stand out in your garden all summer long and even into the fall season.

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Proven Winners

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Panicle Hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata)

As flowering shrubs, panicle hydrangeas are hard to beat. These sun-lovers can take urban environments and grow fast. Unlike some hydrangeas, they can be pruned and you'll still get flowers on the current year's growth. 'Limelight' has been described as one of the best panicle types to date, with large, greenish-white blooms that age to "vintage pink" when the temperatures drop.

Hydrangea Paniculata Conical Blooms on New Stem

Hydrangea paniculata is vigorous, upright, rapidly growing, deciduous shrub. Showy, closely packed, creamy white, sterile flowers bloom in late summer. The weight of flower panicles will typically cause branches to arch downward.


A tiny plant with tons of flowers, this hydrangea shrub shows off white blooms all summer before turning a pinkish color in the fall. Unlike many hydrangeas, the acidity of the soil does not affect the color of the blooms. 'Bobo' prefers loamy soil but is adaptable to many soil types. It grows best in part sun to sun.

'Fire Light'

Growing 'Fire Light' is easy peasy. Very hardy, it requires minimal maintenance and produces reliable, long-lasting blooms. In the fall, flowers transition from white to red. 


'Limelight' blooms later than most hydrangeas, boasting large 6 to 12 inch panicle-shaped flowers in a cream color. Learn more about caring specifically for 'Limelight' with these growing tips.

'Little Lamb'

'Little Lamb' has the smallest and most delicate flowers of any hydrangea. Hardy from zones 3 to 9, this hydrangea offers white flowers that turn pink in the fall. Growing 4 to 6 feet in height, this shrub serves as a perfect border plant. 

'Little Lime' Hydrangea

Growing only 3 to 5 feet tall, this hydrangea is smaller than its popular sibling 'Limelight' but still offers beautiful lime-colored blooms that turn pink in the fall. Hardy from zones 3 to 9, 'Little Lime' grows well in containers and landscapes.

'Little Quick Fire'

This medium-sized hydrangea is easy to grow and serves as a great addition to any yard. Blooming earlier than most hydrangeas, 'Little Quick Fire' starts out white in early summer and turns pink later in the summer. Trim in late winter or early spring and add slow-release fertilizer in the spring.

'Pinky Winky'

Two-toned in color, this panicle blooms pink and white from mid-summer to late summer. Hardy from zones 3 to 9, 'Pinky Winky' grows well in full sun to part shade and reaches 6 to 8 feet in height. 

'Quick Fire'

Blooming early, this shrub brings white flowers that change to a vivid rosy pink in the fall. The shrub towers from 6 to 8 feet tall. Whether fresh or dried, the flowers are great for cutting.

'Zinfin Doll'

Easy to grow, 'Zinfin' blooms white and turns pink in late summer to fall from the bottom up, creating a unique two-tone ombré look. Flowers showcase similar colors to 'Pinky Winky' but have fuller, denser panicles. 

'Diamond Rouge'

This stunning panicle hydrangea is the reddest of the hydrangea paniculata and blooms white before transforming into a deep raspberry red.

'Vanilla Strawberry' Hydrangea

Large clusters of flowers start as a creamy vanilla-white, then transform to a soft pink and finally to a ripe strawberry-red. ‘Vanilla Strawberry’ hydrangeas bloom 3-4 weeks longer than most hydrangeas.

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