Petunias Pop! 12 Varieties Worth a Gander

A popular flower with relations in the tobacco and tomato families.
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'Phantom' Petunia Makes a Striking Addition to Your Garden

'Phantom' is a stunning bicolor petunia. It features yellow stars on velvet black petals and is a striking addition to a container garden. The compact, mounding plant can be combined with other sun-loving plant varieties.

'Sumo Pink' Petunia

The 'Sumo Pink' Surfinia petunia is a vigorous, mounding bloomer that will fill your garden with color all summer long. Looking for petunias to fill a bed with effusive, large flowers or spill from a container? 'Sumo Pink' is your guy.

'Pink Wave'

Plant a pop of hot pink in your garden with this bright beauty that has a spreading habit great for beds or a hanging basket.

Window Box Wonders

Bring a bevy of showy blossoms and some dense green mass to a deck or patio with a window box overflowing with petunias.

'Primetime Plum'

This 'Primetime Plum' petunia features almost psychedelic fuchsia blooms and has a lovely fragrance.

'Purple Wave'

A lush blooming annual, 'Purple Wave' is also heat- and drought-tolerant.


Double blossoms give a lush look to this petunia variety.

'Prism Sunshine'

With a compact form, this light yellow flower is a graceful summer-flowering petunia.

'Misty Lilac Wave'

A low-growing, spreading petunia, 'Misty Lilac Wave' blooms all season and is ideal for both containers and beds.

Petunia Surfinia Pink Vein Is a Vigorously Trailing Flower

Making a strong display in containers, Petunia Sufinia Pink Vein 'Suntosol' explodes in a profusion of trailing blush pink flowers with even deeper pink-hued veins and centers. Stunning in a hanging container.

One Wild Petunia

Also known as wild petunia, Petunia integrifolia var. integrifolia is an easy and very fast-growing petunia variety that does not need deadheading.

'Fantasy Pink Morn'

A milliflora variety, this smaller petunia forms dense, tight clusters of petite flowers.

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