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  • HMHYM-301H
    Towa, her mother Irene, and her 4 year old daughter are fed up with living together in a cramped 1-bedroom house. Towa and her mom both agree they need a bigger and better place, but there is one catch?Irene is making the down payment. Wi

  • HMHYM-302H
    Susan is ready to say goodbye to roommate living, and step up to a luxury condo. And she expects her son David to foot the luxury bill, but David has a budget. Susan knows what she wants and it has David seeing dollar signs. Real estate a

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My House, Your Money reveals what really goes on behind closed doors as prospective homebuyers turn to their extended family members for financial help in order to land their dream home. Cameras catch all the drama and high-stakes pressure of the classic generational tug of war as families fight for their property pick and struggle to come to a compromise. What could possibly go wrong when the grown-up kids want a beautiful home to live in and the parents want a safe place to invest their money?