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HGTV's design series Get Color! features interior designer Jane Lockhart tackling color-challenged rooms, one space at a time. With a long history in color theory and design, Jane finds clients who have been living in the wrong colors and shows them the way to a more beautiful, custom-made color design. With great detail, she finds the core problem in each space, and the mental block that has been keeping her clients from discovering their true colors. Taking inspiration from the characteristics and memories of each client, Jane presents a gorgeous personalized color palette. Rather than using traditional paint chips and fabric swatches, Jane opts for a palette bursting with inspirational items like colorful spices from the Orient, brilliant floral displays and other vivid displays of hue. Once her clients have chosen their new colors, Jane and her team create an entirely new space that captures the true personality of her clients. Full of great makeover ideas and bold, beautiful color concepts, Get Color! offers a unique look at the exciting world of color in design.

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