10 Steps to an Organized Pantry

Follow these pantry organizing tips to make grocery shopping and meal preparation a breeze.
Organized Pantry

Organized Pantry

By: Toni Hammersley

1. Start With a Clean Slate Empty your entire pantry, and thoroughly clean it before you begin the organization process. Starting fresh will help keep things organized longer.

2. Take Inventory Make a list of your pantry staples and update it regularly. When it's time to go grocery shopping, take your list with you. You can download pantry inventory lists online for free. 

3. Categorize Place like items together. By doing this, you will be able to find what you're looking for quickly. 

4. Use Containers Store food in baskets and bins to save space. Odd-shaped packages and bags fit easier in storage containers.

Food Storage

Food Storage

5. Label Label each bin and shelves with the contents inside. Use a label maker or use chalkboard labels so you can easily change the writing.

6. Utilize the Doors If you have doors on your pantry, hang organizers specifically designed for them. Canned goods, spices, oils and jars easily fit inside the organizers. 

7. Make a Kid-Friendly Spot Fill a bottom shelf with snacks so kids can put away their own groceries and easily grab a snack on their own.

Canned Food Storage

Canned Food Storage

8. Use Extra Wall Space Use wall space if you have it. Command hooks are great for storing reusable shopping bags, or put bags in a bag dispenser.

9. Add Plastic Shelf Liners Shelf liners prevent food from falling through wire shelving and boxes from tipping over.

10. Keep It Up Your pantry can get disorganized after time. Twice a month make sure everything is clean and in its place, so you don't have to spend hours organizing it again.

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