Make an Easy Kids' Coat Rack

This simple-to-build, kid-sized coat rack will provide the perfect place for little hats and coats to hang.

Kid-Sized Coat Rack

Kid-Sized Coat Rack

Materials Needed:

  • wood porch post
  • porch post cap
  • 4 wood corbels
  • 4 coat hooks (and their coordinating screws)
  • pencil
  • construction adhesive
  • paintbrush
  • screwdriver
  • water-based primer
  • water-based latex paint

Cut Porch Post

Cut down a porch post from the home improvement store so it measures four feet tall. Tip: If you don't have a saw at home, have the post cut to size at the store.

Kids' Coat Rack

Porch Post

Add Adhesive

Squeeze some construction adhesive onto the back side of all four wood corbels.

Kids' Coat Rack DIY

Apply Adhesive to the Corbels

Attach Corbels

Stand the porch post up (a helper is handy for this step), and attach a construction adhesive-coated corbel in the center of each side of the base.

DIY Coat Rack Base

Attach Corbels

Drill Hole

While a helper holds the post steady, drill a large hole in the top of the porch post. Make sure the hole is a little bit larger than the screw on the porch post cap.

DIY Coatrack

Drill Hole Into Porch Post

Add Adhesive

Squeeze construction adhesive onto the bottom side of the porch post cap. It's also a good idea to squeeze some adhesive onto the screw as well.

DIY Kids' Coatrack

Apply Construction Adhesive

Attach Porch Post Cap

Slide the porch post cap screw down into the hole on the top of the porch post and allow the adhesive to fully dry, approximately 24 hours.

Porch Post

Attach Porch Post Cap

Prime Stand

Once adhesive has fully cured, coat the entire stand with water-based primer. Allow primer to fully dry before moving on to the next step.

Kids' DIY Coat Rack

Prime the Coat Stand

Paint Stand

Cover the entire stand with two coats of water-based latex paint. Allow the paint to fully dry before moving on to the next step.

Coat Stand Paint

Paint the Coat Stand

Mark Then Drill Holes

Using a pencil, make marks on the post where each coat hook should be attached. Use a drill bit slightly smaller than the size of the screws included with the coat hooks to pre-drill holes.

Attach Coat Hooks

Use a screwdriver to secure the coat hooks to each side of the post.

DIY Kids' Coat Rack

Attach Coat Hooks

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