Cottage Gardens We Love

The perfect partner for a charming cottage is a colorful and oh-so-delightful landscape.

Photo By: HGTV fan Sunny777

Photo By: HGTV fan jndesign

Photo By: HGTV fan SpackleMuddPalin

Photo By: HGTV fan Richaro

Photo By: HGTV fan CottageConvert

Photo By: HGTV fan craighead

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Photo By: HGTV fan triciaf

Front Yard Perennial Garden

Visitors to HGTV fan Sunny777's home are greeted with this beautiful garden near the front porch.

Bright and Airy Flower Garden With White Fence

Purple coneflower, daisies, foxglove, black-eyed susans, astilbe and hollyhocks fill this garden. "More than half the plants were split from perennials in other areas of my garden," says HGTV fan jndesign, "and this turned out to be my favorite bed."

Rainbow Rose Garden

HGTV fan SpackleMuddPalin conserves water in her southern California garden. The roses get drip irrigation, she says, and "surrounding plants survive only on winter rain and waste water from the koi pond."

Front Cottage Garden

We often say that homeowners shouldn't feel limited by a lack of space. HGTV fan Richaro's front yard literally billows with beautiful flowers.

Green Cottage Home Exterior

'Patriot' hostas and white impatiens help set off this charming vintage bungalow in Portland. Pink tree roses are planted on both ends of the porch. Design by HGTV fan CottageConvert

Cozy Cottage Garden

There wasn't much of a garden when the homeowners bought this cottage with the idea in mind to create flower beds that would soften the edges of an organic raised-bed garden. Their ultimate goal is to create a landscape where they can "graze throughout the yard on fruits, herbs and berries." Says HGTV fan Craighead, "We still have a long way to go, but we've at least started to establish a country-cottage feeling to our little bungalow in the city."

Colorful Backyard Garden

HGTV fan KeithC's cottage garden features a sweeping mix of roses, grasses, annuals, perennials and decorative garden art.

Cottage Garden Walkway

Zinnias, black-eyed Susans, coneflowers, cardinal flowers, dahlias and more appoint this exuberant cottage garden in western North Carolina. Design by HGTV fan mmccool719_11307165

Cottage Garden at Entryway

This charming cottage garden is a showcase for shade-loving plants. HGTV fan wlaker used stain to transform the plain concrete patio and walkway into faux flagstone.

Abundant Backyard Flower Garden With Pergolas

Everywhere you look, HGTV fan Dotsgarden's outdoor space is a riot of color. She says her roses and clematis are "like old friends who come to visit every spring and often during the summer."

White Pergola Shines in Cottage Garden

A beautiful arbor anchors HGTV fan molly_dog's garden, which is rampant with lilies, Shasta daisies, roses and much more. "This is where I spend almost all my free time," she says.

Container Garden

A beautiful container composition can bring the cottage-garden look to a deck or patio. Here, foxgloves, petunias, and sweet potato vine combine to create a beautiful vignette. Posted by HGTV fan countrygrl125

Patio Planter

HGTV fan Chris Major packed the cottage-garden aesthetic into one planter. Several varieties of coleus, Mexican feather grass and other plants give the container garden a soft, free-form look.

Perennial Cottage Garden

A pretty picket fence helps provide the structure for the this gorgeous cottage-style garden. Another perennial garden surrounds the gazebo, which is illuminated at night. Posted by HGTV fan retired editor

Cottage-Garden Greeting

HGTV fan SilvesterII's cottage-style plantings lead from the street up to her front door and include perennials, herbs, grasses and more.

Cottage-Style Garden Bed

In HGTV fan triciaf's front yard, a glorious combination of phlox, liatris, monarda, rudbeckia and joepye weed mix with blue spruce and birch.