DIY Cornhole Game

Get ready for some fall fun. Whether you are using if for tailgating or just having some fun in the backyard, you will be glad you made this DIY cornhole game. 

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Show Your Spirit

Dressed up in your favorite team colors, your cornhole game is ready for action. You will need to make two of these for play. 

Gathering the Materials

You will need: 24"x48"x1/2" plywood/ (2) 2"x4"x48" pine/ (2) 2"x4"x21" pine/ (2) 2"x4"x11.5" pine/ (2) carriage bolts/ (2) washers/ (2) wingnuts/ (4) 4" wood screws/ (20-25) 1.5" wood screws/ sandpaper/ primer/ paint/ circular saw/ jigsaw/ drill with bit wide big enough to accommodate jigsaw blade / compass/ painters tape/ pencil/ wood putty 

Cutting the Plywood

Cut the plywood into a 24"x48" rectangle with a circular saw or table saw. Alternatively, you can have it cut at many home improvement centers. Some even sell plywood precut in this size. 

Cutting the Boards

Mark the boards to make the necessary pieces and cut with a circular saw or table saw. All of the cuts can be made from (2) 2"x4"x96" pine boards. 

Marking and Cutting the Top of the Legs

On one end of the 11.5" boards mark a spot 1.75 inches from the end. Make a line across the board there. Mark the center of that line and use a compass set at 1.75" to make an arc around the end of the board. Use a jigsaw to cut away the excess. Repeat for the other board. 

Building the Platform

Stand the remaining 2"x4" boards on a thin side with the two smaller boards inside the longer boards creating a rectangle. Hold them together by inserting a 4" wood screw through the outside of the long boards into the ends of the smaller boards. Lay the plywood on top of the frame and secure it to the frame with 1.5" wood screws every 6-8 inches starting with the corners first. Sink the screws slightly. 

Drilling Holes for the Legs

Lay the rounded tops of the legs flush with one end of the platform on the back side. Press the backs of the legs against the insides of the frame and hold or use clamps while you drill through the center spot you marked on the leg to make the arc. Drill through the leg and the side of the platform. 

Attaching the Legs

Use a 5" carriage bolt inserted from the outside of the platform and through the leg to attach the leg to the frame. Add a washer and wing nut and tighten. Check leg for movement and make any necessary adjustments with sandpaper. 

Leveling the Legs

Place the project on a table. Extend one of the legs and let it dangle off the edge of the table. Use books or blocks of wood to raise the project until the top edge is 12 inches from the tabletop. Use a pencil to mark the bottom of the leg using the tabletop as your guide. Cut away the triangular sliver with a circular saw. 

Cutting Out the Hole

Mark a spot that is 9 inches from the end and 12 inches from each side on the plywood. Use your compass to draw a 6 inch circle from that spot. Drill a hole just inside the edge of your circle. Use a jigsaw to cut out the circle starting at the drilled hole. Sand rough edges. 

Filling the Holes

Use wood putty to fill in all screw holes. Let it dry and then sand to make it smooth. 

Prepping for Painting

Apply a  coat of primer to the platform. Painting the legs is optional. Allow to dry completely before proceeding. 

Adding the Base Coat

Apply a coat (or two) of paint by spraying or rolling. Choose a high gloss, durable paint. Allow to dry completely. 

Decorating Your Game

Tape off your design with painter's tape. Paint resulting areas using spray paint or roller. Allow to dry completely before removing tape. 

Ready for Play

After your project dries you are ready for play. You will need to purchase or make a set of bean bags (or corn feed bags) for tossing (4 for each team). 

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