Modern-Meets-Rustic Lodge

Natural, earthy materials connect this streamlined Alaskan vacation home, designed by Nicholas Moriarty, to the surrounding woodsy landscape.

Modern Cabin Features Open Stairs & Streamlined Kitchen

An open floor plan and open stairway allow this modern cabin to feel cohesive and fluent. The kitchen's custom concrete countertops have a waterfall edge and a low profile, allowing users to enjoy the wooded Alaskan views from different spots in the home.

Sleek Modern Staircase in Open Floor Plan

A modern wood and metal staircase winds through three levels of this treehouse-inspired vacation retreat. Natural, earthy materials connect the house to its woodsy Alaska setting.

Modern Cabin Living Room Nestled in the Trees

The loft-like living space in this Alaska vacation retreat is at home among the treetops and, in fact, was envisioned as a "treehouse for adults." The exposed wood and open plan were chosen to complement the setting and provide uninterrupted views of the surrounding mountains and forest. Furnishings pull from the natural, woodsy palette.

Neutral Transitional Living Room Embraces Woodsy Setting

Comfortable seating in hues that echo the surrounding landscape creates a homey retreat amidst the treetops in this transitional living room. Windows extend nearly 30 feet in height, bathing the space in light and offering breathtaking views of the forested Alaska terrain. Materials are grounded and earthy, from the wood-plank coffee table to the metal lamps to the natural window moldings.

Native Materials Tie Loft Living Area to Alaska Setting

Natural wood with exposed joinery and a stunning wood accent wall pull from the forested setting and make this loft-like living space seem suspended in the trees. Windows in the space extend as high as 28 feet, while horizontal rails on the balcony and stairs echo the spindly lines of tree trunks and provide uninterrupted views.

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