Countryside Escapes: Idyllic Farmhouse Nestled in Hillside

A bright white exterior and wraparound porch help this modern-day farmhouse stand out amid the rolling green hills. Exposed beams and shiplap walls give the home a warm country feel, while comfortable furniture in saturated blues and colorful patterns enliven the interior.

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Photo By: Sarah Dario

Spacious White Modern Farmhouse with Wraparound Porch

The white exterior of this beautiful farmhouse home shines bright against the natural green of the landscaping. Shapely structural lines and a large wraparound porch beckon with a stylish and welcoming appeal.

White Covered Porch With Hanging Swing, Wicker Chair and Mixed Blue Throw Pillows

A cozy wood swing features a mix of patterned blue throw pillows beckoning visitors to this sunny front porch. A wicker chair provides additional seating and frames the space around a red tasseled rug. Plants add color and the perfect finish to the design.

Timeless Wooden Farmhouse Front Door with Window Framing

The dark, rich wood finish of the front door is a beautiful contrast to the stark white interior walls and ceiling. Windows framing the door let in natural light to highlight the bright, clean look of the simple and timeless design. A heavy light fixture pairs with light sconces and thin picture frames for a balance of decor.

Distressed Natural Wood Bench Over White Shiplap Wall With Black and White Photos

White shiplap walls bring a beautiful, simple texture to the stylish set up of this hall space. A natural wood bench features a distressed finish with patterned throw pillows. Black and white framed art compliments the simplicity of the design approach while adding artistic intrigue.

Country Living Room With Blue Built in Shelves, Velvet Sofa and Colorful Pattern Throw Pillows

Two large, matching bookshelves frame the back wall complimenting the blue tones of the furniture and grounding the look of the bright, white shiplap walls. A velvet sofa is brightened with colorful throw pillows featuring floral and patterned fabrics.

Airy Modern Farmhouse Living Room Design With Natural Wood Framework and Soothing Color Scheme

Natural light accentuates the breath of fresh air in the modern farmhouse look of this inviting living room. Natural wood beams, a brick hearth white washed walls bring a beautiful combination of textures to the room. Pale blue pieces and patterned chairs liven up the design without overpowering the serene feel.

Contemporary Black and White Chair in Country Fireplace Sitting Room

Contemporary art over the mantel compliments the contemporary style of the black and white chair in this living room. A differing black and white pattern on the throw pillow creates intrigue in the look without being overpowering. The gorgeous wood mantel frame is an attractive contrast to the bright white walls and the textural brick fireplace.

Bright Farmhouse Kitchen with Blue Island Accent and White Tile Backsplash

White walls, cabinetry and countertops capture the bright, natural light of the room making this sunny kitchen the perfect compliment to a farmhouse home. A blue island brings in a comforting color accent and creates an attractive backdrop behind natural wood bar stools.

Sunny Country Dining Room With Circular Table, Area Rug and Natural Lighting

Surrounded by windows, this dining room is illuminated with natural sunlight. The circular table fills the space well with plenty of floor space remaining for comfortably maneuvering through the room. A pendant light centers the room while an area rug adds a touch of color.

Blue Sitting Room With Bright and Colorful Pillows, Coffee Table and Rug

A hot pink rug, multi-colored striped coffee table and vibrant throw pillows immediately grab the eye against the blue walls and navy sofa in this sitting room. Natural light from the french doors catches the mix of colors and bounces off the reflective finish of the table lamps.

Blue Country Window Seat With White Roman Shade, Striped Seat Cushion and Patterned Pillows

Blue cabinetry frames this inviting window seat and creates a monochromatic look over the space. A white roman shade compliments the bright, natural light of the window as it streams over the striped seat cushion and plush patterned pillows. A contemporary art fixture and bright floor rug add a peak of intrigue to the otherwise sweetly simple design.

Cozy Country Neutral Bedroom With Petal Light Fixture, Shiplap Walls and Blue Comforter

A bright blue bed comforter pops against the light green shiplap wall coloring and neutral fabrics filling this comfortable, country bedroom. Sheer curtains softly frame the windows while a centered light fixture adds a heavier element to the light, airy look of the room.

Double Vanity Bathroom With Window Seat, Half Curtain and Marble Countertop

A striped half curtain provides privacy while still letting natural light fill the bright, white bathroom. A built in double vanity features a mirrored design of marble countertop, wood-framed mirror and simple sconces. Connecting the vanities, a window seat creates a decorative space for blue pillows to add color to the design.

White Shiplap Country Bathroom With Bathtub and Natural Wood Table

White shiplap walls and a white ceiling give this bathroom a bright and sunny finish. The polished white bathtub shines against the textured walls and warm-toned hardwood floor. A natural wood end table brings a textural element to compliment the rustic influence of the design.

Powder Blue Kid's Room With Two Twin Beds, Star Pendant Light and Wide Roman Shade

A contemporary star light is centered in this kid's bedroom for a fun contemporary touch to the design. Matching twin beds feature textured frames and striped throw blankets over the blue comforters. The powder blue color creates a light look throughout the room, with the striped floor rug adding complimentary shades to the color palette.

White Country Bathroom With Double Floating Sink, Basket Storage and Contemporary Sconces

A wide, double faucet sink gives a unique look to the vanity set up of this country bathroom. Contemporary sconces frame the mirror over matching towel rings. Simple basket storage keeps the space uncluttered, and a red patterned rug adds a splash of warm color to the design.

Large, Cushioned Window Nook With Natural Wood Frame, Star Pendant Light and Patterned Roman Shade

Natural wood beams frame the entrance to this large window nook. A tufted olive green cushion gives height to the space, finished with a decorative mix of patterned throw pillows complimenting the neutral tones of the room. A star pendant light adds a fun, contemporary element to the space.

White Shiplap Walls and Distressed Green Cabinet Tucked in Under-stair Cubby

A beautifully distressed cabinet perfectly fills the space under the slant of these farmhouse stairs. The green finish pops against the white shiplap walls and warm-tone hardwood flooring. Simple tabletop decor finishes the space.

White Farmhouse Exterior With Black Door and Window Frames and Textured Stone Landscaping

The bright white exterior of this home shines against the natural colors of the outdoors. Natural wood barn doors and decorative stars give a classic southern feel to accent the farmhouse style. Rock landscaping through the yard provides texture and shaping for the planted area.

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