Kid's Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Happy Clown

Your little one will be clowning around all Halloween with this classic clown look. Learn how to use makeup to create the look in less than 30 minutes.

Boy in Clown Makeup

Clown Costume for Halloween

By: Colleen Herman

Materials Needed:

  • cream makeup in white, blue, pink, red and yellow
  • black eyeliner pencil
  • liquid black eyeliner
  • makeup sponges
  • flat makeup or craft brushes
  • red lip liner
  • red foam nose
  • curly wig (optional)

Apply White Face Paint

Use a makeup sponge and brush to apply white makeup to just the eyes and nose. Feather the makeup around the outside edges of the face so it fades softly without creating a harsh makeup line (Image 1).

White Clown Face for Halloween

White Base for Halloween Clown Makeup

Create Colorful Eyes

Use a makeup brush and blue face paint to draw a half circle over one eye following the brow line. Use a brush to blend the blue and white (Image 1). Do the same thing to half of the other eye, using red face paint (Image 2). Next, add yellow face paint to the rest of the eyebrow and the upper lid and blend slightly (Image 3).

Exaggerate Eyebrows

Use a black eyeliner pencil to make a half circle above the child's natural eyebrow, then a line that follows the natural brow. It should be thicker at the center then thin out from there. Tip: The more arch you have the happier your clown will look.

Bow With Clown Makeup

Exaggerated Eyebrows for Halloween Clown Makeup

Create Clown Cheeks

Use a craft brush with red paint to make three small circles on one cheek. The smallest circle is at the back of the cheekbone followed by a couple of graduated larger circles (Image 1). On the opposite cheek, draw a large circle with pink face paint (Image 2).

Make a Clown Mouth

To make a clown mouth, first use red lip liner to line just outside the lips, then fill in (Image 1). Extend the lines out from the edge of the natural lips and add little circles at the end (Image 2). Use black liquid eyeliner to outline the lips (Image 3).

Complete the Look

As a final accent, draw some lines just below the lower eyelid (Image 1). Naturally curly hair (or a wig) is ready to clown around and just needs a nose (Image 2). Oversized clothes or a clown costume finishes this big-top look (Image 3).

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