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Makeover Magic from HGTV's Curb Appeal

Amazing Before-and-Afters

See how architect and designer John Gidding works his wizardry to turn drab home exteriors into real showstoppers.

Amazing Before-and-Afters

It's All About First Impressions

Real-Life Home Transformations

Get makeover ideas to add visual impact and value to your home.

Real-Life Home Transformations

Exteriors That Make a Statement

Landscape Refreshes

John Gidding does some wonderful things to brighten the view on yards, landscapes and home exteriors.

Landscape Refreshes

  • CRB-2501H
    This home has been in Kris' family for generations, it's where Kris spent his childhood and over the years this has become a highly sought-after neighborhood to raise a family. After Kris and Melanie had twin girls, Kris's 90 year-old grand

  • CRB-2502H
    Angelica Mendoza is an Oakland native who takes pride in protecting her community as a member of the Oakland police department. She is a homicide detective, a job that is both emotionally and physically draining, leaving her no time or ener

  • CRB-2503H
    The Villoria family knew they wanted to move into this Oakland neighborhood for the schools and the family-friendly community. They purchased the only house they could afford, bought it as-is, and it needed a lot of work. The inside is now

  • CRB-2504H
    When Rachel and Kristy Kinnon decided to start growing their family, they made the choice to move from the hustle and bustle of the city to the suburb of Oakland. They found the perfect charming neighborhood, but the house they could afford

  • CRB-2505H
    Buren and Colleen are young, newly engaged and Buren has just moved in to Colleen's new house. She's a teacher for Oakland School District and through a financial assistance program for teachers, she was able to purchase her first home. The

  • CRB-2601H
    Designer John Gidding was driving by and fell in love with the style of the O'Neill's home, but clearly they are a perfect example of a house that just needs Curb Appeal. He approached them to see if they would be interested in receiving a

  • CRB-2602H
    Jeff and Simone are first-time home buyers who purchased a run-down craftsman bungalow - at first, were excited to get to work on the fixer-upper. Simone is a self-described DIY addict but to Jeff's dismay, she has yet to finish one of thes

  • CRB-2603H
    Being a local sports talk radio host doesn't leave Dan Dibley much free time to address the sad state of his family's front yard. The large tree in the front is dying while the lawn takes too much water to maintain in the summer and even at

  • CRB-2604H
    Charmin and Ibrahim Baaqee have called the Curb Appeal team to help with their 1929 Spanish Colonial. When they purchased the home they immediately went to work updating the inside and tearing out old landscaping to start anew, but once the

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Get great ideas for how to make the most of your home's appearance! Curb Appeal will help you look at your home with a fresh eye and offers up tips for turning great ideas into reality. Each episode features a real house and homeowner with guest experts who discuss the owner's needs and propose projects to improve the home's appearance. Then the crew goes to work, transforming outdated and boring homes with stunning makeovers.