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Q&A With Candice

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Explore our designer showcase highlighting Candice Olson's timeless style, eye-catching designs and decorating ideas.

Candice Olson's Designs

  • HCTAL-306H
    Kitchens are often the 'hub' of a household, so they need to be functional, versatile and inclusive. Candice is faced with a dysfunctional main floor layout and a cramped kitchen and that has a family of four falling over each other at meal

  • HCTAL-307H
    When a couple moves from a starter home, to their substantially larger dream home, they realize they sorely lack any clearly defined style. The new home is filled with mismatched furniture and is not a comfortable place to host family and f

  • HCTAL-311H
    Candice designs the ultimate 'party parlor' for a couple that love to entertain - but with their first child on the way, she's is under the gun to get the job done. Without a moment to spare, Candice delivers a glam and glitzy area for ente

  • HCTAL-310H
    A growing family's basement has become a veritable dumping ground for junk, storage and hand-me-down furniture. Candice tackles this disaster zone and replaces it with a gorgeous family room that's not only stylish, but kid-friendly and wi

  • HCTAL-313H
    Relocating a couple's master bedroom to their attic becomes a challenge for Candice as she deals with sloped ceilings and non-existent closet space. Knowing the couple's love for travel, Candice aims to create a room that has the luxurious

  • HCTAL-407H
    New parents Ana and Mario want to maintain their sophisticated, European lifestyle while being able to accommodate the very different demands of their two year old daughter. Candice has a challenge on her hands when sees that this couple's

  • HCTAL-405H
    Candice must answer to two masters when a husband wants an over the top classic French-style kitchen, and his wife's vision is sleek and contemporary. Faced with a massive kitchen space, Candice must stretch the budget to accommodate a huge

  • HCTAL-502H
    Lisa and Alon's desire to decorate their large living room/dining room hits a dead end when they can't decide on anything other than beige furniture and beige walls. Candice promises to inject excitement and style into their home but her pl

  • HCTAL-506H
    Tech gurus, Paula and Philip, want Candice to gut their ordinary, old bathroom and redesign it, complete with state of the art technology. Candice scours the city looking for impressive products, fixtures and items that will satisfy their t

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Designer Candice Olson delivers the awe-inspiring transformations we have come to expect, but this time she pulls back the curtain to get down to the basics of design. In Candice Tells All, she shares the underlying design principles that can be applied to any space, revealing a home's true potential. This is Candice unplugged, as she deconstructs the design process and teaches us her rules in a fun, irreverent way.

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