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A Life Aquatic: Amazing Water Homes

A Life Aquatic: Really Amazing Water Homes

Take a photo tour of our picks for some of the coolest pools, water features and water-themed homes around — as featured on HGTV's Amazing Water Homes.

Spaces That Make a Splash — Literally!
  • HAWAH-104H
    Amazing Water Homes takes viewers on a global whirlwind of H2O! From a private lake in Washington, to a state of the art water retreat in Nevada, to a remote Coast Guard base in the middle of the Atlantic; Rebecca Budig explores some of the

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Have you dreamed of living on the beach or having a pool put in your backyard? Well, that wasn't enough for these homeowners! In Amazing Water Homes, we go inside, around and through some of the coolest water features in America. See what happens when you combine creativity, ingenuity and a whole lotta H2O!