Create a Geometric Focal Wall With Trim

A bold paint color and simple molding turn a bare wall into a stunning, graphic focal point.

Purple Living Room with White Wainscoting and Orange Accents

Purple Wall with White Wainscoting

Materials Needed:

  • graph paper
  • pencil
  • 1X2 primed MDF trim
  • semi-gloss paint
  • spackle
  • spackle knife
  • caulk
  • caulk gun
  • circular saw
  • hammer
  • nail punch
  • nail gun
  • nails
  • finishing nails
  • painter's tape
  • liquid bonding adhesive

Measure Wall

Use tape measure to determine the proper height and width of wall.

Measure Wall

Measure Wall

Jot Down Dimensions

Write your wall dimensions down on the graph paper.

Write Dimensions

Jot Down Dimensions

Create Design

Referring to the dimensions, create an original design on graph paper using pencil. Note: This will vary depending on the size of your wall. In

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