Linoleum Kitchen Floors

Enhance your kitchen's design with fashionable linoleum flooring, an affordable option available in a rainbow of colors.

All-Natural Flooring

Linoleum squares in a vivid pattern add energy in this kitchen. The all-natural material is comfortable underfoot and contributes to healthy air quality. Photo courtesy of Forbo Marmoleum

Custom Details

Colorful linoleum is a fashion-forward floor option. The resilient surface can be custom installed with innovative touches, such as borders and inlays. Photo courtesy of Armstrong

A Splash of Color

Linoleum floors can add vivid colors in the kitchen. Antistatic properties repel dust and dirt for a surface that’s easy to clean. Photo courtesy of Forbo Marmoleum

Easy to Install

Sunny yellow linoleum squares imbue the kitchen with cheer. The surface locks together for easy installation, no glue required. Photo courtesy of Forbo Marmoleum

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