Modern Laundry Room Designs

Incorporate sleek design and efficient use of space for a laundry room you'll love.


By: Gina Hannah

Chances are, if you're looking a laundry room design that is modern, you want the space to be multi-functional in addition to having the sleek, clean look that characterizes modern decor.

Laundry Room Design Ideas

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Photo By: Eric Perry

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The best laundry rooms, no matter their size, will help you get your clothes clean, pressed, mended and ready-to-wear in record time. They will also make the smartest use of space possible when storing an iron and ironing board, cleaning supplies, paper goods—even serving as a pantry for canned and dry goods.

For a modern look, go with clean lines in cabinetry and shelving. Paint woodwork black or a bright shade such as red for a strong accent. If you prefer the look of natural wood for your cabinets, choose a design without trim; add pulls or handles in a sleek metal design. You can paint the walls and cabinets a crisp white for a truly clean look. You can add a pop of color with wall art or window treatments.

The laundry room is an ideal place to try an industrial look. Hang stainless steel or wire mesh shelves and crates. Choose stainless steel appliances. To keep the room from looking cold or sterile, try blending a metal folding table or countertop with natural wood cabinets or a warm paint color on the walls.

To make the best use of your space, hide laundry bins, ironing boards and cleaning supplies behind sleek doors and drawer-fronts, or store them in simple baskets. The key to a clean look is a lack of visual clutter, so make sure small items stay out of view and knickknacks are kept to a minimum. Your light fixtures and flooring will also help create a modern look. Choose flush-mount or single pendant lights in a simple design.

For the ultimate in modernity, take a look at new washers and dryers. Depending on your budget, you may choose from any number of features to make your life easier. Some washers incorporate heat or steam to remove allergens and pretreat stains, and some have an airing and tumbling feature that will prevent clothes from smelling sour if they aren't removed soon after the wash cycle finishes.

Newer dryers often offer features such as a moisture sensor to prevent over-drying (and shrinkage). Steam features can relax wrinkles in clothes left in the dryer all day or overnight. And some dryers have a quick-dry feature that uses strong blowers to increase air flow for wet clothing.

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