Cheap vs. Steep: Bathroom Tile

Available in a wide range of styles and colors, tile is a popular option for bathroom flooring. Browse photos of bathroom tile options in various price ranges.

Photo By: Designer, Gail Drury

Photo By: Designer, Bruce Rosenblum

Cheap: Ceramic Tile

A classic choice for bathroom flooring, inexpensive ceramic tile provides a durable, easy-to-clean surface that can be textured to prevent slippage. Image courtesy of Shaw Floors

Cheap: Vinyl Tiles

Affordable vinyl tiles can mimic the look of stone for a fraction of the cost. This surface is durable and low maintenance. Image courtesy of Congoleum Corporation

Mid-Range: Tile "Carpet"

If you want to add visual interest to a tile floor without breaking the bank, try installing a "rug" of tile in an intricate pattern in front of the vanity, surrounding the toilet or in the space where you step out of the shower.

Mid-Range: Accent Tile

To take your bathroom floor a step beyond basic field tile, try incorporating tile in various colors and sizes. Design by Gail Drury

Steep: Intricate Tile Floors

A tile floor in a beautiful, complex pattern adds an upscale touch to a bathroom. Design by Bruce Rosenblum

Steep: Floor-to-Ceiling Tile

Today's designers are taking bathroom tile all the way up the wall for an ultra-high-end look. Design by Linda Sullivan

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