Beautiful Blue Annual Flowers

Give your garden the blues with our collection of gorgeous blue annual flowers.

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'Heavenly Blue' Morning Glory

Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue' is a fast-growing climber with twining stems. This variety of morning glory bears sky blue, funnel-shaped flowers with white centers throughout summer.

Cornflower ‘Classic Fantastic’ (Centaurea cyanus)

This early-season bloomer makes a perfect partner for American Legion corn poppy. Also known as bachelor’s buttons, cornflower is a self-sowing annual that just can’t stop forming flowers. You’ll have plenty for picking and bringing indoors. This variety boasts a blend of blue and silver shades.


'Lobelia' is a flowering plant comprising of 415 species. Wild growing 'Lobelia' are geographically located primarily in tropical to warm temperate regions of the world. 

Agapanthus africanus

'Agapanthus africanus' is native to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. This evergreen Agapanthus may be planted in the ground in the warm Winter climates of USDA zones 8-10, but it is best grown in containers in the St. Louis area where it is not Winter hardy. 

Ageratum Adriatic Produces Blooms All Summer

Ageratum 'Adriatic' blooms from summer until the first frost. It produces small mid blue flowers in dense clusters above downy, green, oval leaves. If used in containers, water well.


Watch for deep purple-blue flowers on this annual salvia. Plants grow 3 to 4 feet tall and flower continuously from summer until frost, providing plenty of stems for dried bouquets. Harvest flowers for drying when a few blooms on each stem are fully open. If you wait until the whole stem is wide open, blossoms shatter after drying. Hang stems upside down in bunches to dry.


'Love-in-a-mist' is an annual that self seeds so prolifically that it might as well be perennial here. This true blue color will steal the show in any garden. 


Centaurea cyanus, or cornflower, is a cool weather annual that is easily grown in average, medium moisture, well drained soils in full sun to light shade. Purple blue flowers bloom from late spring into summer and attract butterflies.

Love is in the Air

Good as long-lasting cut flowers, the seed capsules of love-in-a-mist can be dried for flower arrangements. Nigella damascena; Good as long-lasting cut flowers; the seed capsules can be dried for flower arrangements. Self-seeds freely. H to 20 in (50 cm); S to 9 in (23 cm).

Felicia Amelloides Santa Anita

Felicia amelloides, Santa Anita, is a bushy sub shrub, often grown as an annual, with deep green obovate leaves and daisy like flowerheads, with violet blue rays and yellow disk florets.

Brachyscome Iberidifolia

Brachyscome iberidifolia bears blue, violet or white daisylike flowers on a bushy annual plant from mid to late summer into fall. Blooms are held above divided gray green foliage.


Also known as Lily of the Nile, this beautiful flower features a deep green fleshy leaf and intense, purplish-blue flowers. Hardy in Zones 6-10.

Centaurea Cyanus Produces Beautiful Blue Blooms

The first part of Cornflower's Latin name gives the geographic origins and natural habitat. The second part, Cyanus, tells us the avid blue physical characteristic of this flower.

Larkspur Blooms in Spikes of Summer Color

Consolida ajacis, or larkspur, has feathery, almost fern like leaves. In summer, larkspur bears delphinium like densely packed spikes to 24 inches tall in pink, white, or violet blue double flowers that may be dried for arrangements.

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