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Thanks for Your Vote!

Thanks for helping us choose a party theme perfect for HGTV Dream Home 2010. Don’t forget to watch the HGTV Dream Home special on Jan. 1 at 9 p.m. ET, when we reveal the winning design, created by HGTV host Monica Pedersen.

You're Invited

Designer Monica Pedersen came up with three designs, each with a different feel, but all sharing a strong connection to the HGTV Dream Home location in New Mexico. And she started each design with the party invitation. "Once I decided on my themes, I created a template for each invitation, then customized them through color and language to best set the tone for each party." From there, the party takes shape. See invitations below.

  • Lazy Dayz in the Desert

  • On the Rocks!

    On The Rocks!
  • Santa Fe Soiree

    Santa Fe Soiree