Enchanting Garden With Stone Pavilion

Wanting a place where they could spend time as a family, the owners created their own park on the Provo River in Utah. With a stone-clad pavilion and playhouse for the children, this fairytale garden is ideal for evening walks among the flowers and water.

Photo By: Rick Meinzer

Photo By: Rick Meinzer

Photo By: Rick Meinzer

Photo By: Rick Meinzer

Photo By: Rick Meinzer

Photo By: Rick Meinzer

Rustic, Imaginative Kid's Playhouse With Water Wheel

A gorgeous playhouse complete with a water wheel enhances the northern side of the landscape while screening the neighbors' house. The sound generated by the water cascading off the water wheel is soothing and accents the private setting.

Gorgeous Gardens Surround Rustic Pavilion

A Belgard paver pathway leads to the private gardens of this beautiful estate. The rustic pavilion combines exposed wood beams with a stacked stone exterior.

Rustic and Inviting Children's Playhouse

A stacked stone exterior and exposed timber beams create a rustic entrance to this children's playhouse. The arched front door features a round stained glass inset and is flanked by lantern-style sconces. Sandstone slabs are used as the walkway leading up to the front door.

Rustic Pavilion With Beautiful Koi Pond

This custom pavilion sits gracefully on the back of this large Koi pond, shallow enough for kids to play in and deep enough for a private collection of Koi. Native granite boulders and marginal plant material enhances the natural setting while helping to maintain the clarity of the water.

Rustic Pavilion With Exposed Wood Beams

This gorgeous pavilion welcomes guests into the one-acre private retreat. Exposed wood beams combine with a lantern-style light fixture draw the eye up, while stacked stone columns bring a rustic quality to the space.

Elegant Timber Trellis Leads to Gardens

Off the master bedroom is an elegant arched timber trellis with a stone walkway. Stone benches line the space for a welcoming resting spot, while climbing vines add greenery and liveliness to the space.

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