Gorgeous Lakefront Garden

This wetland-inspired garden from Lindgren Landscape features native Colorado plants for a seamless integration into the lakeside landscape. The space features natural stone architectural elements such as an arched bridge, a circular fire pit and a waterfall.

Photo By: Steve Glass

Photo By: Steve Glass

Photo By: Steve Glass

Photo By: Steve Glass

Photo By: Steve Glass

Photo By: Steve Glass

A Native Landscape With a Stunning Vista

The lakeside setting of this Colorado garden provides a stunning backdrop for visitors to enjoy. The use of native plants throughout the garden creates a seamless integration to the landscape beyond the property.

A Wetland Inspired Landscape Frames a Grand Mansion

The natural looking features of the landscape compliment the grand presence of this transitional Colorado home. A large pond with wetland like features is completed with the use of native plants and artfully arranged boulders, helping to soften the areas between the built hardscape features.

Stone Hardscape Features Create Layers in the Landscape

Natural stone architectural features like walls, bridges and waterfalls are arranged to create layers of texture in this Colorado garden. An arched bridge leads visitors over a natural wetland inspired pond surrounded by a bounty of native plants which help to soften the stone features.

A Circular Stone Fire Pit With a Lake View

Architectural stone bridges connect to a circular patio with a wood-burning fire pit. The rough-hewn flagstone boulders are placed in an informal arrangement, complementing the natural feel of the native garden and vistas.

A Custom Stone Bridge Crosses Over A Naturalistic Pond

A flagstone bridge connects walkways around a natural looking pond complete with native plants. The water streams over formal masonry walls balanced with tumbled boulders, creating an engaging and eye catching water feature.

A Dramatic Showstopper Stone Water Feature

Water cascades down the sides of a sandstone architectural water feature, a showstopping element in this calm, native garden. The stand alone feature is built with vertical sandstone boulders, arranged in a circle within the small pond framed by smaller tumbled stones. Uplights at the base enhance the drama of the water feature.

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