HGTV Dream Home 2000: Nehalem, OR

Nestled in the woodlands overlooking Oregon's breathtaking Nehalem peninsula, HGTV Dream Home 2000, a modified Craftsman-style home, exudes rugged Northwest style.

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HGTV's Dream Home 2000

HGTV's grand prize is located in the coastal community of Nehalem, Oregon.

An unabashed love of nature governs every fabulous detail of HGTV Dream Home 2000, from the home’s remarkable structural features and building materials to the fresh, open indoor-outdoor celebration of the interior design. And when you look around at the setting, you can perfectly understand why. The views on this part of the Oregon coast are nothing short of spectacular.

These priceless views are utilized in every element of the home’s inventive design, from the covered exterior walkways and treetop bedrooms to the airy, open great room with its dramatic windows. "The main inspiration for this house is the view and this place," says architect Michael McCullough. "The house nestles around the site and provides places for you to go and look at the natural beauty that's out here: A place to sit in the sun in the afternoon, to view the weather that comes in from the ocean.”

HGTV Dream Home 2000 Exterior Front

HGTV Dream Home 2000 Exterior Front

The harmony between house and environment begins with the choice of architectural style. "The house is a modified Craftsman-style home," continues McCullough, "and the main elements of this style are simple and locally available materials, so it's a very direct use of these materials." The siding, a cement composite that holds stain and paint well, is inert, sheds water and will weather slowly. The windows –both practical and handsome - meet the demands of the rugged Northwest.

"When I walked into this house I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the view out of the great room," says interior designer Linda Woodrum. "And I knew it would be the focal point. We wanted to make sure when we put the great room together that we wouldn't fight that spectacular we used natural, earthy colors and textures, so we had this tranquil inner spot that let us look outside and enjoy what was happening there."

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