Two-Story Walk-in Closet

This huge, luxurious two-story walk-in closet from Angelica Henry features incredible amenities such as an office area, a vanity with running water, and even a combination washer-dryer unit. Filling the space are abundant custom details, such as LED-lit display shelving, artistic risers on the stairs, and even a large aquarium.

Photo By: Mark Boisclair

Photo By: Mark Boisclair

Photo By: Mark Boisclair

Photo By: Mark Boisclair

Photo By: Mark Boisclair

Photo By: Mark Boisclair

Photo By: Mark Boisclair

Photo By: Mark Boisclair

Photo By: Mark Boisclair

Photo By: Mark Boisclair

Photo By: Mark Boisclair

Photo By: Mark Boisclair

Photo By: Mark Boisclair

Luxurious Closet with Wrap-Around Vanity

This exquisite, two-story closet boasts a wrap-around vanity nook that defines luxury. A stunning, organic shaped chandelier hangs over a phenomenal floor pattern that combines stone and wood. Gorgeous natural light floods over the vanity through arched bay windows creating the perfect place to get dolled up.

Luxurious Two-Story Closet Boasts Array of Textures

This luxurious two-story closet is defined by its textures. From glass-beaded walls to bronze countertops to custom stone and wood flooring, the space is captivating from top to bottom. Warm neutral tones and natural light soften the glamorous space.

Two-Story Walk-In Closet With Bronze Chandelier

This stunning two-story walk-in closet looks more like a high-end department store. LED light panels, inspired from high-end retailers, turn the impressive collection of shoes and bags into an artful display. Layers of thin bronze chain create a striking chandelier that is as elegant as it is edgy.

Two-Story Walk-In Closet With LED-Paneled Walls

LED light-paneled walls in this two-story walk-in closet light floor-to-ceiling shelves that show off an extensive collection of shoes and handbags. A sliding wood ladder allows access to high shelves and cabinets.

Two-Story Walk-In Closet in Master Suite

This luxurious two-story walk-in closet defines luxury and is filled with amenities. A small washer and dryer combo is a great convenience in such a large home. LED-paneled walls provide backlighting to an extensive collection of shoes, accessories and handbags.

Wedding Gown Displayed in Two-Story Walk-In Closet

An exquisite wedding gown is showcased in a glass case at the top of the stairs in this luxurious two-story closet. Custom shelves for shoes and accessories along with LED lighting create the look of a high-end department store.

Enormous Contemporary Closet With Custom Accents

A chaise longue offers a place to relax on the second floor of this enormous walk-in closet. Antique mirrored drawers feature hand-blown glass pulls for a truly custom look.

Large White Office in Enormous Walk-In Closet

White French doors open up to a large office space in this enormous contemporary closet. A large work table is flanked by two silver stools while cabinets and drawers surround the space, offering plenty of storage.

Large Neutral Masculine Walk-In Closet

This massive walk-in closet boasts deep masculine tones and textures. Bright blue LED panels turn an extensive shoe collection into an artful display while custom LED light closet rods illuminate color-coordinated hanging clothes.

Masculine Closet Features LED Lighting and Pop-Up TV

This vast closet boasts high-tech amenities to create a space that is the peak of masculine luxury. LED lights are used for the custom closet rods for easy viewing. Blue LED light panels showcase an extensive shoe collection and creates a sophisticated club feel. A closet island features a pop-up TV, turning the closet into a relaxing lounge.

Contemporary Masculine Closet with Aged Leather Chair

An aged leather chair and ottoman offer an elegant spot to relax in this contemporary, masculine closet. Bright blue LED light panels light up an impressive collection of shoes and are a lovely contrast to the deep, dark wood cabinets and floors.

Man's Large Walk-In Closet With Zinc-Topped Island

Dark blue wall paneling adds texture to this enormous masculine closet. A sleek island boasts a beautiful zinc countertop while a large fish tank brings life into the contemporary space and leads to the stunning master bathroom.

Glass-Walled Master Bathroom in Massive Closet

Glass walls surround a master bathroom that boasts a large fish tank lit with bright blue LED lights in this massive closet. A mosaic stone tile accent wall and built-in bench create texture in this masculine space.

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