Cool + Colorful Girl's Room

Designer Alisha Gwen kicks up the color in this cheery kids' room with saturated shades of purple, turquoise and blue and patterns that pop.
From: Alisha Gwen

Photo By: Adam Milliron

Photo By: Adam Milliron

Photo By: Adam Milliron

Photo By: Adam Milliron

Cool Blues Create Fun Girl's Room

Blue hues ranging from brightest sky to deepest ocean turn this girl’s bedroom into a tranquil but playful retreat. Layered pattern varies from chevron to floral to Suzani, and the clients helped design the custom headboard’s shape.

Chic Girl’s Room in Shades of Blue

The clients, 10-year-old twins, helped designer Alisha Gwen create the fun shape of this custom, blue velvet-clad headboard. In the space, the girls’ favorite hues of blue and purple inspired the palette. Layered patterns and fun furnishings mix to form a tranquil bedroom with equal parts whimsy, function and style.

Layered Color in Restful Girl’s Room

This cool blue bedroom designed for one of two twin sisters features playful elements just right for a 10-year-old girl. Designer Alisha Gwen incorporated the girls’ own artwork into the rooms, as well as their favorite colors. A dusky purple lamp on this Bungalow 5 bedside table pops when set against blues ranging from Caribbean sea to cornflower and navy.

Chic Study Spot in Serene Kid’s Room

A stylish white desk by Bungalow 5 is topped by the 10-year-old client’s own artwork in this tranquil, creative girl’s bedroom. Throughout the space, blue and purple hues blend in a way that’s both calming and fun. The Neoclassical-inspired desk chair is upholstered in pretty lilac, a fun, feminine color.

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