Kids' Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas They'll Love

Bring a playful touch to your home this season with mini, kid-friendly Christmas trees covered in playful decorating ideas.

Their Own Trees

Top your living room coffee table with pint-sized Christmas trees covered in kid-friendly decor. Here are six ways to make a mini tree their own.

Straw Tree Topper

Make a whimsical tree topper from a foam sphere, card stock, glitter and paper straws. Cut several straws in different lengths, and update a basic foam sphere by painting it in a coordinating hue. To play with light, consider adding a layer of glitter over the paint. To attach the sphere to the top of the tree, make a connector by shaping and cutting card stock into a cone, then pushing it into the foam sphere. Randomly attach the straws to the sphere, then place the topper on the tree.

DIY Garland

Put a fresh spin on plastic animal figurines by outfitting them as a kids' garland. Add screw eyes into the tops of each animal, then cut a strand of thread to size (approximately 36 inches long, depending on your tree). Slide beads and animal figurines onto the thread, then secure the ends with knots.

Button Tree Ornaments

Create one-of-a-kind ornaments from multi-colored buttons and thread. Add thread to a needle and knot the end, then slide an assortment of small neutral-toned buttons onto the thread as a tree base. Gradually build a tree silhouette with an assortment of large buttons added along the bottom, medium buttons in the center and smaller buttons near the top. For a tree topper effect, add a small star decoration on the top with looped string as a hanger.

Purple Lights

While white lights are often a designer's first choice for a sophisticated Christmas tree, colored lights are a fun and youthful touch for a kids' mini tree. To create a solid color scheme, choose lights in the dominant tone of your tree's decor. Here, violet lights were used to coordinate with the purple tones seen in the ornaments and garland.


In addition to unique ornaments and garland, it's also wise to add layers to a kids' tree with unexpected materials. Here, small sewing trim styles, such as gimp and strands of beads, were used to bulk up the tree.

Double the Fun

Since tabletop trees are small in stature, they work well in multiples without overwhelming a space. Here, two trees were used, designating a tree to each of the two children in the home.

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