Front Yard Pictures From HGTV Smart Home 2015

With clean modern lines, drought-tolerant plants and a gorgeous pecan tree, this front yard is overflowing with curb appeal.

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Jason Kisner


Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Modern Curb Appeal

With a modern Austin farmhouse style, this simple home is as stylish as it is efficient. “It’s intended to be a very contemporary landscape,” explains the house planner Jack Thomasson. “It feels very contemporary, clean and simple.”

Crisp, Clean Lines

Clean lines and simple landscaping give the home a contemporary look that sets the stage for the rest of the home’s youthful, Texas style.

Thoughtful Planning

Native, drought-tolerant plants were chosen to line the beautiful cedar privacy fence.

Weeds No More

With a few easy-to-use garden and landscape products , this gorgeous Austin landscape will stay in great shape in every season

In the Details

Large front windows flood the home’s interior with light and add a unique quality to the home’s façade.

Pass the Pecans

A sizeable tree offers much-needed shade, but fresh pecans are an added bonus. The home features one pecan tree in the front yard and a fig tree in the backyard.

Porch Protection

The front door is covered, so guests and homeowners don’t have to stand in the rain or sun while waiting to get inside.

Green Certified

A plaque showing off the home’s status as an Austin Energy Green Building is prominently displayed out front.

Light It Up

Neon house numbers are a fun touch that make a big statement and ensure guests can always find their way. “Our white neon street numbers on the front of the house are very cool,” says Jack. “They were fabricated locally; there’s kind of a neon story here in Austin.”

Ease of Entry

Losing your keys is no big deal, since the HGTV Smart Home 2015 offers a practical keyless entry.

Night Lights

Recessed lighting illuminates the front porch while keeping with the home’s more modern aesthetic.

Concrete Chic

Potted greenery is a welcoming site on the front porch, while a pair of concrete planters speak to the home’s modern Texas vibe.

Textural Exterior

The neutral trim on the home’s exterior adds a hint of interest and texture in a calm, subtle way.

Contemporary Cover

The front window is covered with a small roof that blocks out some sun and adds an interesting feature to the exterior while working within the clean, sharp lines of the home’s design.

Rocky Road

Although Austin isn’t known for having a wet climate, an attractive gravel path reduces mud and adds a charming quality to the Texas home.

Old Stones, New Life

“There’s a Texas limestone edging around the perimeter of our landscape, which is actually salvaged from here on the site from the house that had been torn down,” says Jack. “It has a lot of character and rough edges.”

Lush Landscaping

Well-placed greenery throughout the landscaping frames the house in a gorgeous botanical border that really adds to the overall curb appeal.

Fuss-Free Facade

By forgoing shutters and opting for clean-lined, single-paned windows, the home’s exterior is kept simple, modern and totally fuss free.

Step by Step

A concrete paver walkway is a simple addition to the front yard that adds character and plays into the home’s Texas charm.

Well-Planned Driveway

Though the home includes an attached garage, extra space for parking is a must considering this Austin home is the perfect spot to entertain.

Smart Siding

Covered in a fiber cement siding, the home’s exterior is not only rot-proof, but it is also climate controlled, keeping cool air in and Texas heat out. 

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