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Self-Care Isn't Selfish


Habits to Boost

Your Mental and

Physical Health

You can't take care of others if your tank is half-full. Learn to say "no" to some things, and ask for help, so you can say "yes" to your well-being. It's time to rethink self-care. Luckily, the best thing you can do to take care of yourself is something you can do with your eyes closed: Get Quality Sleep!



Quality Sleep

Sleep impacts every aspect of your life - your mood, productivity, concentration, physical wellbeing and mental and emotional health. Yet, according to the National Sleep Foundation's "Sleep in America 2018" poll, 35% of Americans choose fitness and nutrition as a personal priority, while only 10% choose sleep. To meet your fitness or nutrition goals, you need to sleep well.


of Americans choose fitness and
nutrition as a personal priority while


choose sleep

Because you spend one-third of your life in bed, your mattress is a smart investment in your overall health and wellness. Since everyone's sleep needs are different, Sleep Number 360® smart beds, with SleepIQ® technology inside, sense your movements and automatically adjust firmness, comfort and support to keep you sleeping comfortably. With a 4.8 out of 5 star rating, and 12 million people sleeping on them, Sleep Number beds are definitely worth it.

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When You

Exercise Matters

While we don't recommend a strenuous workout before bed, there are benefits of daytime exercise and light yoga before bed. Sleep Number® SleepIQ® sleepers who exercise daily are the most restful overall, and have the best SleepIQ scores and lowest heart rates. And, SleepIQ sleepers who exercise in the morning or afternoon receive the most restful sleep, compared to those who exercise in the evening. Even exercising just once a week is significantly related to increased sleep restfulness compared to not exercising regularly.*



Your Breath

Try the 4-7-8 breathing technique as part of your bedtime routine tonight. You can do this method upright with your back straight or lying on your Sleep Number bed. Start by placing the tip of your tongue against your upper front teeth and keep it there throughout the exercise.


Exhale through your mouth around your tongue.


Close your mouth.


Inhale for a count of four.


Hold your breath for a count of seven.


Exhale forcefully through your mouth (tongue against teeth) for a count of eight.

Repeat 1 More Times

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How To Crave

Less Junk Food

Sleep plays an important role in your food choices. Lack of sleep makes you crave junk food because it alters your appetite-regulating hormones and your willpower, causing you to consume unnecessary calories.

For Better Rest - Avoid These
Foods Before Bed:




Ice Cream

Citrus Foods

Instead Stock Your Pantry
and Fridge With:


Low-Fat Yogurt

Toast With Nut Butter

Protein, like Grilled Chicken

Granola Bar or Trail Mix

Keep your sleep-friendly snacks front and center in your pantry and refrigerator so they're right on hand when you need them. Plus, you'll be less likely to grab those tempting sleep-disrupting foods.


Assess Your

Bedroom Environment

Pay attention to the atmosphere of your bedroom. Start by keeping your bedroom between 65 and 68 degrees - a cool room ensures better sleep. For couples that struggle with finding the perfect temperature balance, look for bedding solutions that help you and your partner fall asleep and stay asleep. Sleep Number's temperature balancing bedding absorbs excess heat, keeping you warm enough to fall asleep and cool enough to stay asleep.

Dim lights in your bedroom an hour before you go to sleep to help your body unwind from the day. Also, opt for warm lightbulbs in your bedroom, instead of blue-light bulbs, which are brighter and keep you awake.

The Time Is Now

Getting better quality sleep is the most important thing you can do to take care of yourself. Don't push self-care off until you think you have time. Start today. It isn't selfish. It's essential.