Build Something Real with Brick

You already know brick is durable and resists the elements, but real clay brick comes in a wide range of colors, textures and applications to reflect your style and create a beautiful home. Check out what brick can do for your aesthetic.

Photo By: General Shale, Inc.

Photo By: Brick Industry Association

Photo By: Brick Industry Association

Photo By: General Shale, Inc.

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Photo By: Meridian Brick LLC

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Photo By: Brick Industry Association

Photo By: Brick Industry Association

Lasting Curb Appeal

When coordinated with landscaping and trim, a brick home can stand out from the neighbors. With timeless beauty, unmatched durability and low maintenance, that appeal can outlast the latest trends.

©General Shale, Inc.

Brick is Not Just Red Anymore

Beyond the traditional red, brick is available in a wide range of colors and textures, including shades of white, gray, tan, brown and many more.

©Acme Brick Company

The Look of Paint, Without the Paint

For the look of painted or whitewashed brick without the need to repaint down the road, get the effect baked into the brick. Style doesn’t mean having to give up being virtually maintenance-free.

©Acme Brick Company

A Modern Take on Five Millennia of History

Even though brick has been around since 3500 B.C., it isn’t limited to just traditional homes. The straight, clean lines of many styles are a perfect fit for modern architecture.

©General Shale, Inc.

A New Take on Traditional

Brick can be seen on homes that have stood for generations and is a perfect fit for traditional architecture. But with different colors and patterns, traditional doesn’t have to be boring.

©Redland Brick Inc.

Straight and Narrow or Rough and Tumbled

There are many shapes and textures of brick. Whether you want your house to look sleek, new and modern or like it has stood for hundreds of years, there is a style that is right for you.

©Meridian Brick LLC

An Archway from the Past to Today

Brick arches date back 4,000 years to Mesopotamia and Ancient Rome. They lend a timeless beauty to doors and windows in new architecture.

©Triangle Brick Company

Bringing Warmth to Interiors

Brick is for more than just downtown Manhattan lofts. Picking the right color and pattern can bring warmth and style to interior spaces.

©Old Carolina Brick Company

Brick Builds More than Just Walls

The durability and weather resistance of brick applies just as well to landscaping, terraces and driveways. Real clay pavers have the color fired into the clay and will not fade like cement.

©The Belden Brick Company

The comfort of a brick fireplace works just as well outside with a brick fire pit and patio. What better way to enjoy the evening fire.

©Pine Hall Brick Company, Inc.

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