Reimagine Your Home with Laminate

Not just for countertops, laminate has a wide range of design uses. Discover these unexpected and style-forward ways to incorporate laminate throughout your home.

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Finding the right materials is key to designing a home that reflects your style and personality. An element that can be shaped and changed into a myriad of options might be your ticket to creating the exact-right look you want. The Living Impressions™ Collection is artisan inspired and infuses your home with contemporary patterns that feel timeless. See how laminate can be used to transform seating, furniture, kitchen islands and more.

Take a Seat

Up your seating game with fun and fresh ideas. Transform an existing window into a cozy reading nook with laminate, and make it an eye-catching statement piece in your room.

Boost your mudroom's functionality with a built-in bench that turns clutter into an efficient and durable drop zone. Max out your storage with cubbies for stowing boots, hooks for quickly hanging jackets and bags and a laminate bench seat for setting daily must-haves or slipping on your shoes. Try White Painted Marble for an utterly chic bench.

Re-Envision Your Furniture

Create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces for your home. A Watercolor Steel top pairs with Brushed Bronzetoned Aluminum edging for a custom dining room table in this traditional-meets-industrial dining room. The sky's the limit with laminate furniture ideas though. In addition to tables, it can also form stylish bed frames or headboards.

Beyond the Counter in Kitchen + Bath

Not stopping at the countertops, laminate is ready to take on your kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. For complete sophistication and chic contrast, the Black Painted Marble pattern, which has an artistic take on natural materials, gives you the look of high-end stone without the price.

An entire kitchen island covered in marble would quickly max out your finances. However, one designed with laminate from the Living Impressions™ Collection, such as this Watercolor Porcelain island, has the allure of soft gradations and delicate watery veining on a wallet-friendly budget.

Try Out Writable Designs

Move over chalkboards, there's a new way to change your cabinets, walls and doors into writable surfaces. Formica® Writable Surfaces are stain-resistant and durable; the high-gloss surface is easy to clean and ideal for keeping track of your to-do list and calendar, allowing kids to actually write on the walls and letting your creative juices flow.

Order a Free Sample

To see how a specific design will look in your home — whether as a headboard, table or bench — Formica Corporation makes it easy to order free samples. Request the latest patterns of the Living Impressions™ Collection to see which one is perfect for your next project.

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