Metallics in the Kitchen: Cool Ways to Pull Off the Look

When it comes to metallics, you've got countless options. Take your cue from a few of these ideas to transform your culinary space into a room you'll never want to leave.

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Two words: Metal. Mania. There's never been a better time to step outside of the box and into an entirely different world — a world where design possibilities are brighter and better than anything you may have imagined.

Get more ideas at Signature Hardware.

Get more ideas at Signature Hardware.

Beyond the Trend

Once upon a time, metallic accents were minimal. They showed up in small doses throughout the kitchen, often on drawer pulls and knobs. They added a hint of glint without stealing the spotlight. But people loved the way they brightened up their kitchens. They could make the most traditional spaces appear more vibrant. They completed transitional and contemporary layouts beautifully. They glowed and gleamed from every angle. Suddenly, metallic accents were downright trendy.

Today, there's more than one way to bring your kitchen to life. Silver is among the most reliable and trustworthy metals to implement into any design. It looks flawless, it's understated, and it won't compete with other elements in the room. If you want to call attention to your chosen metal, you might prefer to step outside of your comfort zone, and try something more eye-catching, like a vibrant copper, modern gunmetal, polished brass, striking gold or an Old-World bronze.

Each of these varieties offers its own unique appeal and provides significant design benefits depending on what you hope to achieve. Keep those goals in mind as you consider these stylish tips for bringing a little extra glow to your kitchen.

Get more ideas at Signature Hardware.

Get more ideas at Signature Hardware.

Warm Up Your Space

Certain metallic shades evoke a sense of warmth and comfort. In a room that defines the most important things in life, like togetherness and family, there's no better excuse to introduce a little shine.

Make metallic moments happen in delicate ways. Try burnished brass, gold or copper pulls, and find pots and pans to match. Suspend them from a complementary hanging rack above the stove for a cohesive look that's rich and inviting. If you love the idea of using a warmer metal but don't want to overwhelm the room, keep it simple. Install bronze or gold light fixtures.

Or Cool It Down

At the other end of the spectrum are the cooler metals, like chrome, aluminum, stainless steel and nickel. These silvery pops offer a lighter approach to style. They're fresh, reflective and bright, but you can also choose more understated finishes if you don't want to focus on the shine factor too strongly.

Showier styles lend your kitchen a more futuristic edge. If you're all about that vibe, don't shy away from silvery fixtures and lighting. Set the tone with a shimmering mosaic backsplash, crisp light-toned cabinets and gunmetal appliances.

Get more ideas at Signature Hardware.

Get more ideas at Signature Hardware.

Mix Your Metals

Who says you have to commit to one metal? There are no real rules except to remain true to what you love. With that in mind, have some fun embracing a variety of different metals to make your design goals a reality. Keep these styling ideas in mind:

Be Balanced

They come from completely different worlds — and that's precisely what makes adventurous duos such a welcome addition to the kitchen. The trick? Be intentional in your efforts. If your appliances are made with stainless steel and your pulls and lighting are brass, make sure to include some steel elsewhere in the room to bring about a sense of balance. You might incorporate steel barstools at your island, for example, to pull it all together, or a metallic kitchen sink to complete the look. Available in shades like pewter, gunmetal, matte gold and bronze, it provides discerning homeowners with outside-the-box options that make it easy to make that dream design a reality.

Be Purposeful

Another way to introduce different metals is to categorize them by group and purpose: that's key if you have more than one shade in mind for your project. Maybe you're wild about bronze, have a thing for chrome and want to add a little black at the same time. It's all doable, as long as you work in layers. For example, you might opt for black appliances, chrome lighting and bronze hardware. It can work, so long as your metallics of choice don't overpower one another. Again, balance is the key.

Have Fun With It

Inspiration can come from anywhere: social media, a photograph, a book, a painting, an image you conjure in your mind. Metallic elements make these ideas possible. Whether it's a slight glint or an eye-popping makeover, there's no denying the impact of a powerful silver, brass, chrome, bronze or other beloved metal. How you choose to make it your own is your call.

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