Get Your House Party Ready

Throw an Instagram-worthy party with ease. Check out our four simple steps to prep your yard and house for welcoming family and friends.

Front Yard

You know what they say about first impressions. Make sure your guests are wowed before they even enter your home by treating your front yard with as much attention to detail as your party space.

Max Out Your Curb Appeal

Get Lawn in Tip-Top Shape

First, mow the grass, and then use a string trimmer to rid the yard of any weeds and give your lawn a clean edge. The BLACK+DECKER 2-Speed String Trimmer easily converts from a trimmer to a wheeled edger so you get a crisp professional-looking border.

All in the Details

Bring on the finishing touches. Line your pathways and flank your front door with containers full of pretty flowers – instant showstopping color. If you're hosting an evening party, check that outdoor lights are working and consider illuminating walkways with landscaping lights. Solar- or battery-powered lights are smart solutions since they don't require wiring.

Give It a Spruce Up

Clean walkways and hardscaped areas by sweeping or blowing off any leaves, sticks and grass, and then pressure wash to remove grime and dirt. Clear yard debris, pull weeds and prune shrubs so they look their best.

Tackle Last-Minute Projects

Parties are the perfect motivation to undertake all those projects you've been putting off. Whether it's the shelf you need to hang or a loose cabinet drawer in the guest bathroom, grab your BLACK+DECKER Drill and Project Kit to check off your to-do list before party day

Go for a Clean Slate

Greet guests with a home that feels open and welcoming. Skip the deep clean – no one is looking at your baseboards, but a speedy cleanup will get your home in party-ready condition.

The Quick Clean

The First Stop: Entryway

Banish everyday clutter (coats, purse, shoes, etc.). Quick sweep the porch, steps and foyer, and clean the glass in your front door to completely brighten the whole area.

The Stage:
Room to Party

Prep your party space. Fluff up furniture cushions and pillows, clear off table tops and straighten any accessories. Take care of floor dirt and dust with a last-minute run of the BLACK+DECKER Cordless 2-in-1 Vacuum.

The Essentials:
Bathrooms and Kitchen

Say goodbye to countertop clutter, and wipe down countertops, sinks, faucets and mirrors. Make sure you have fresh hand towels and plenty of soap. Lastly, take out all the trash (no funky smells, please and thank you).

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